AlcoStopex LLC Comes With Alcohol Reduction Supplement on the European Market

Alcostopex is expected to launch in Europe in the next couple of days.

European citizens who have problems with alcoholism now have a new treatment option. AlcoStopex has been approved for the reduction of alcohol consumption in patients with alcohol dependence, and will be shipped to Europe in the next couple of days. The manufacturing company Alcostopex LLC is situated in Florida USA. The supplement has passed the necessary tests prior its introduction to the market. In 2014, a study was conducted with one thousand volunteers suffering from alcoholism. Volunteers used Alcostopex for a month. Test results have shown that in 25% of the cases a significant reduction of alcohol addiction was achieved. Almost 75% of monitored subjects gave up drinking completely. One-month use also led to significant improvement of liver condition and that of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

According to the product’s specification, AlcoStopex is 90% based on natural ingredients. The supplement is in the form of powder, with no taste and smell, that easily dissolves in water or other liquid. Main ingredients include fibregam, artichoke extract, motherwort extract, succinic acid and vitamin В6.

Alcostopex is expected to launch in Europe in the next couple of days and there are currently plans to launch in Asia in a month or two.

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