Lenore Cole Wants to Transform Your Home Into a Peaceful Garden Retreat

Angela Hebert, inspired by the charming and evocative scents of a garden in bloom, wants to infuse your home with the essence of summer with her entirely new collection of natural soy candles.

Take a walk through the garden this summer and experiences all the sights, sounds, and smells from the gorgeous flowers and heavenly herbs. Let them take over the senses and sweep you away to an English countryside manor with its manicured lawns and tended gardens. Enjoy your stroll in the heat of the day as the scents of jasmine, rose, basil, lime, and more waft up to delight your senses. Now picture that same moment experienced in the tranquility and comfort of your own home with a simple luxury candle. Experience the best of both worlds: far away away places and smells while enjoying the creature comforts of home.

The Country Garden Collection is a beautiful selection of scents that will sweep the sense to another time and place when a stroll among the flower beds and herb garden in an English countryside manor was a break from the hectic world. These soothing scents are a joy to take in. Combinations of luscious rose garden, sweet lime basil, jasmine, lavender, and more have been created by an adept hand for the purest of luxury scents while providing the cleanest burn with 100% natural soy wax. All packaged beautifully in boutique style high-end containers you will be proud to display in any home or give as a gift. Angela has created special gift sets featuring her stunning candles ready for gift giving to a special someone.

Candles are the perfect finishing touch to any home’s decor. They provide that lovely glow and ambiance to any room. The heavenly scents can enhance the mood of any occasion whether it is a casual game night with the family or dinner with the boss. These posh candles are not only beautiful in your own home but also to give as a thoughtful gift for any occasion. Gorgeously packaged like high-end spa candles these lavish candles do not carry the over priced spa price tag.

Soy candles are perfect for homes with young children, older generations, or those with breathing problems as they burn clean releasing no harmful toxins or chemicals in the air. The soy wax is the perfect medium to hold the splendid country garden inspired scents that will last for hours of burning time releasing those inspiring aromas for hours on end. There is such great attention to detail from the special blend of all natural essential oils to create delightful custom scents to the all organic materials used in each candle for the smoothest burn all handcrafted by Angela for that personal finishing touch.

Lenore Cole is set to launch a soothing collection of beautiful and inspired scented soy candles that you will cherish and order time and time again to keep your home smelling fresh and lovely. Never settle for candles that release harsh chemicals and toxins into the air. Instead choose the easy and long lasting choice with soy wax. Bring the English manor gardens to life in your home with the enchanting scents from the wonderful and luxurious Country Garden Collection, set to release this month.

About Lenore Cole

Lenore Cole only recently came into being in 2016, but it was several years in the making. Angela Hebert has always been a candle enthusiast. She has been a collector of fine candles for quite sometime and even made them as a hobby. Over time Angela began to research most commercial candles and began to realize between the artificial colors, waxes, and scent additives that the candles she loved to burn were harming herself and her family with their toxic fumes.

This would send Angela on a quest to find long lasting, luxurious, all natural candles that could be safely burned in the home without harmful side effects. There was not a great deal out there to be found and what did exist was not very good quality. Immediately Angela made a resolution to find a better candle that provided all the benefits of a soothing luxury candle without the harmful side effects. This was the beginning of Lenore Cole.

Angela quickly came to the conclusion that the finest candles that could be made contained 100% natural soy wax and aromatic essential oils. This winning combination became the platform on which she launched, creating a line of beautifully scented spa quality candles. She began to search for the finest in essential oils and perfected their combination with soy wax to create quality candles that burn for a long time, constantly enhancing the home with their lovely aroma, and burn clean so that her family could enjoy without the nasty side effects. After some trial and error it became very clear to Angela that she had developed candles that not only were healthier but also truly refined.

When she is not busy working on fabulous new scent combinations for candles Angela loves to spend time with her family having movie nights or enjoying a good book. While candle making is now her main business it is also one of her favorite hobbies and she loves to take her candles and place them into spa gift baskets for friends and family, both of which are important to her. With the launch of her very first designer candle collection she is overjoyed at bringing luxury candles to all the candle lovers out there. As Angela combines all the things everyone loves about candles and reinvents them to be healthier and environmentally friendlier, she is ready to transform your home into the country garden of your dreams.

You can contact Angela personally at or the contact page She also can be followed on Instagram at, facebook at, and twitter for all the latest up to date news and sneak peeks.

Source: Lenore Cole

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