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The Sacramento Dentistry Group Talks About Jagged Teeth

Many parents get concerned when their youngsters’ first permanent teeth erupt. The worry rests with some teeth that look jagged. Are these bumps harmful or something to be concerned about? Do the serrations every go away? The dentists of the Sacramento Dentistry Group have answers for these questions.

A rapidly growing area of interest on the Sacramento Dentistry Group website is the subject of jagged teeth. An article published by our dental clinic in 2014 continues to get weekly hits due to patient interest in this topic. Undoubtedly, most of the searchers are parents concerned about their children’s teeth, as these bumpy teeth are most commonly seen in youngsters.

When a permanent tooth first comes in or erupts, the biting edge of the tooth may look jagged. The bumps along the tooth are called mamelons. Typically, they are noticed on the front teeth, since these are so visible. While the serrations may be scary looking, they are nothing to be concerned about.

Mamelons are common on new permanent teeth. Thin and uneven, they tend to wear away with time. While some patients request cosmetic treatment to remove the mamelons, it is not necessary unless they are persistent and unsightly. In some cases, a jagged tooth that lasts a long time points to a misaligned bite that prevents the bumps from being worn down. In this case, orthodontic treatment, with Invisalign or braces, may be a good idea — not to remove the mamelons, but simply to straighten the teeth into their proper positions.

For more information about various dental topics and procedures, or to schedule a consultation to maintain your oral health, visit the website of the Sacramento Dentistry Group at Their office on 1105 E Street is conveniently located on the north side of downtown Sacramento, with plenty of free parking. To contact them by phone, dial 916-538-6900.

Source: Sacramento Dentistry Group

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