Award-Winning American Real Estate Investments LLC Streamlines Process for Investing IRA Funds in Booming Real Estate Markets

Recently awarded the 2016 Turnkey Provider of the Year at the Think Realty Global Investment Conference in San Fransisco, American Real Estate Investments provides streamlined, comprehensive turnkey real estate investment services for individuals seeking alternatives to stock market-based retirement investments.  

“We are truly passionate about helping individuals invest their wealth in what we have found to be the safest and most passive investment they could possibly make,” says American Real Estate Investments Chief Operating Officer, Carl Dean. “Most people don’t even realize they can take control of their retirement funds in this way, investing in something they can see and touch – and select for themselves.”  

Formed by a group of real estate professionals following the Great Recession, American Real Estate Investments is responding to the growing demand by everyday Americans to better understand, and have more control over, their retirement funds. “During the recession, “ explains Dean, “not only were people anxious about their future retirement, they were also suddenly aware of just how little they understood the markets. They are looking for alternatives, and right now, we believe real estate investment is one of the best.”

In contrast to the typical 401k account, which sees returns of 3-4% on average, real estate investments in booming markets like Texas are currently seeing increases in value closer to 8-13%, according to Dean.

To keep the process streamlined and passive for the investor, American Real Estate Investments specializes in turnkey investment properties: single-family, high-end residential rental homes that are renovated, managed, and maintained by AREI professionals. By drawing on their collective expertise to carefully select only Class-A properties (i.e., newer, well-built homes in low-vacancy, favorable locations), AREI keeps risk to a minimum, while maximizing the return on investment for their clients.

Currently, government regulations are highly favorable to IRA real estate investments, making it relatively easy for individuals to select this type of investment as part of their personally managed retirement portfolio.  

But while the barriers to real estate investing may be few, the process is not simple, and comes with a number of potential pitfalls. For that reason, American Real Estate Investments professionals assist with every aspect of the investment process. “We advise using turnkey professionals for the same reason you would hire a stock broker to manage your stock market investments,” says Dean. “Owning, renovating, managing and tenanting assets is a full-time job, and it comes with a lot of headaches, no matter who you are.”

Committed to ensuring their clients maintain a sense of control over their investments, American Real Estate Investments professionals also take the time to educate clients, so they don’t feel like they are blindly following someone else’s lead. “It’s your money,” asserts Dean, “and we believe you have the right to fully understand all of your options, so you can make the choice that is best for you. “

To learn more about the process of using retirement funds to invest in real estate, as well as the services American Real Estate Investments provides for potential investors, visit

Source: American Real Estate Investments LLC

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