TipRanks Releases New "My Performance" Feature

TipRanks’ newest platform enables users to see how their portfolios measure up.

TipRanks, the first financial accountability engine, measures the performance of anyone giving investment advice online allowing investors to evaluate financial experts before following their recommendations. The company announced the release of its new “My Performance” feature that shows investors how their stock picks stack up. Now, TipRanks users can compare their personal portfolios to that of top analysts, top financial bloggers, and other investors with the same risk tolerance.

While TipRanks has offered this capability to Wall Street analysts, financial bloggers, hedge funds, and corporate insiders, the technology that tracks the profitability of these portfolios is now being offered to investors as well. The new feature is beneficial to TipRanks users as it enables them to:

  • Obtain a full picture of their statistics as an investor by highlighting their overall performance.
  • Synchronize their Smart Portfolios to their brokers or manually input all holdings.
  • Track the historical performance of their portfolio through TipRanks’ revolutionary Smart Portfolio platform.

TipRanks calculates the return on each investment and provides a comprehensive weighted overview of the user’s returns and success rate of making profitable investments. With this information, TipRanks users have the ability to see how their portfolio stacks up compared with the rest.

The new “My Performance” feature enables them to track their ranking. Specifically, this allows users to visualize their improvements as investors. Moving forward, this provides users with a game-changing tool to make well-researched financial decisions and continuously track their progress.

About TipRanks Technology:  

TipRanks technology uses a Natural Language Processing algorithm to calculate the returns of anyone who publishes financial advice. When an analyst or blogger recommends to ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ shares of a company, TipRanks opens a virtual position in that company to measure the returns an investor would have made, or lost, had they followed the recommendation. All ratings are measured over a one-year time horizon, though TipRanks offers the capability to measure returns over one month, three months, or two years. TipRanks also offers the ability to measure the returns compared to the S&P 500 and the sector of the stock at hand.

About TipRanks:

TipRanks is a comprehensive data-driven investment tool that measures the accuracy of published financial advice. Traditionally, the company tracks and ranks the performance of over 4,000 financial analysts, over 5,000 financial bloggers, and over 35,000 corporate insiders. TipRanks allows day traders and private investors to see the measured performance of anyone who provides financial advice. By using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning algorithms, TipRanks constantly and accurately measures, tracks, and ranks financial experts based on their stock ratings, calls, and predictions.

For more information on TipRanks, contact Sharon Zelnick at

Source: TipRanks

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