Accidents and Injuries on Sidewalks

Often times when we are walking on a sidewalk we feel like we are safely out of harm’s way. Most of the time that is the case, but thousands of people are injured every day on sidewalks due to no fault of their own.
A sidewalk should be properly maintained by the city, state, or local government or in some cases by the land owner the sidewalk resides on. Most cities have specific rules regarding how the construction and maintenance of the sidewalk should take place. In many cities there are also specific rules regarding who and how the sidewalks can be used. For example, many cities ban bicycles from riding on sidewalks. Often motorized vehicles of any sort are also banned from use the sidewalk.

Sidewalk injuries can come in all shapes and size. They can range from a person slipping and falling due to any number of reasons to them being hit by a vehicle. The most common sidewalk injuries are slip and fall type of injuries. These are especially common during cold winter months when the sidewalk may be wet or covered in ice. Lack of maintenance is also a common cause for slip and fall injuries. This can be the result of the sidewalk having large cracks or holes in them or other damage that could cause you trip and fall. Improper lighting can also lead to a person falling on a sidewalk.
Less common, but often more damaging, is when a person is hit by a vehicle on the sidewalk. People can be hit by bicyclist, skaters/skateboarders and other vehicles like scooters that should not be on the sidewalk. In extreme cases a car may jump the curb and hit a person(s) on the sidewalk.
If you have been injured while on sidewalk it is important that you speak to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. They will be able to investigate the cause of your injury and decide if you have a valid lawsuit and who you should file against. In some cases you may have to file against the city/state or owner of the sidewalk. In others you may have to file against the individuals who injured you. In still other cases you may end up filing against multiple parties.

Your attorney can also help you get any medical attention you may need to make certain your injuries are properly taken care of. Even if your injuries appear to be minor it is important to visit a doctor. Sometimes minor injuries can manifest into serious problems later in life or turn into ongoing, chronic issues.
If you would like to speak to an attorney about your injury, contact LA Injury Group. They have years of experience helping those who have been injured receive the care and settlements they deserve.

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