Thermalabs Finger-Bound Exfoliating Device Now Available

Thermalabs finger-bound exfoliators is now available

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February 25, 2017 (FPRC) — Thermalabs finger-bound exfoliating device, which was patented by the company late last year, will now be available to users. This is a special device that can be installed in a finger to help exfoliate small detail areas of the face such as around the nose and the eyes. Thermalabs has said that itll be including one unit of its innovative finger-bound exfoliator with every shipment of its general premium exfoliating mitt.
Thermalabs is a major cosmetics brand based in the US. The firm started out barely three years ago but has managed to establish itself as a major player in the global cosmetics space. Thermalabs is most popular in the self-tanning niche, where it has launched multiple organic tanning lotions and other unique tanning accessories. For instance, the companys first-ever product was a major tanning lotion known as the organic self-tanner. This was a result-oriented lotion that delivered an organic tan faster than any of the competitions products, sky-rocketing the new brand to fame. The massive media attention that Thermalabs attracted with the success of its pilot launch helped lay the foundation for the strong brand that the company is today. Other market-major launches by Thermalabs the Ultimitt exfoliating mitt, and the travel-size tanning lotion, and the Protectan sunscreen lotion.
In recent times, Thermalabs has also set up multiple sub-brands, as part of its overall diversification effort. The company established Supremasea back in 2015. Now, this is an already established firm that manufactures skin care products based on Dead Sea salts. Other major sub-brands by Thermalabs include Tent World and Organic Healthcare. Tent World makes sports and outdoor tents, while Organic Healthcare creates hand-made, 100% bio-organic health aids.
Market insiders have said that Thermalabs innovative finger-bound device was created to supplement the companys premium mitt. Popularly known as the Thermalabs premium exfoliating mitt, this is a natural scrubbing glove that removes remaining tan (after a tan) and generally scrubs the skin to remove the layer of dead cell and trigger cell rejuvenation and better health. According to Thermalabs, their exfoliating mitt helps subdue common skin problems such as dry skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. The fact that the product is created from natural ingredients means that it delivers results within the confines of healthy and has no negative side effects for users.
Alex Howard, Thermalabs marketing coordinator, said, Thermalabs will from today ship a unit of its new registered-patent exfoliating device with every shipment of the premium exfoliating mitt. This move is meant to add value and will help our users better exfoliate small detail areas around the nose and the eyes. Customers will be able to take advantage of a comprehensive exfoliating bundle that helps remove the remains of a tan but also leads to a smooth, flawless skin. For individuals suffering from blackheads, wrinkles, acne, and other similar conditions, our exfoliating mitt plus the finger-bound exfoliator are a great fix. Stay tuned to Thermalabs for more

For more information contact Joel Joe of Thermalabs
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