Thermalabs Supremasea to Announce New Releases

Thermalabs Supremasea sub-brand is set to announce new product releases soon.

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February 25, 2017 (FPRC) — Supremasea, a major sub-brand of cosmetics manufacturer Thermalabs, will soon announce new formulations. It has been quite a while since Supremasea launched its last product, the Shea Body Butter. However, the firm had earlier promised to increase its research and production efforts, with the goal of furnishing the market with more products this year. This announcement demonstrates that the company is quite serious in its master plan to dominate the organic skincare industry.
Supremasea is owned by Thermalabs, a New York-based cosmetics manufacturer. Thermalabs is very popular in the self-tanning niche. The company has also established operations in the beach convenience sector, and in recent times established a new brand that will be manufacturing quality healthcare products. In addition to Supremasea, Thermalabs also owns Tent World and Organic Healthcare.
Ever since it was founded in 2014, Supremasea has released at least 4 products. Most of these are skincare formulations based on Dead Sea salts. Supremaseas first-ever product, Tan Enhancer, was a major hit in the market. The product contains a special blend of Dead Sea salts and organic skincare ingredients such as Olive Oil. Tan Enhancer moisturizes the skin and maintains that radiant glow after a tan. It also contains Vitamin E that protects the skin from environmental pollutants such as free radicals.
Other main products, manufactured at Supremaseas Israeli factory, include the Lavender body scrub exfoliator, the Vanilla Patchouli body scrub, and the Shea Body Butter. Both the Lavender and Vanilla Patchouli body scrubs are natural exfoliators that help shed the layer of dead cells on the skin, and trigger general skin rejuvenation and health. Shea Body Butter, on the other hand, helps heal common skin problems such as wrinkling, dry skin, scars, etc. Its created using a special blend of Dead Sea mineral salts, and Shea Butter.
Supremaseas use of Dead Sea mineral salts has somewhat turned it into a unique. Scientists agree that some special Dead Sea salts have multiple benefits not just for the skin but also for other organs in the body. By taking advantage of highly proved ingredients to create products that deliver results, Supremasea has managed to establish a foothold in the global skincare market.
Supremasea is excited to reveal that we have new releases ready to hit the market soon. These new products include a special Dead Sea salts-based lotion that will lead to a smooth and soft facial skin and other products that are in the final stages of production. Our company is dedicated to quality, and we always make sure that our formulations are above board. In recent times, we announced that wed be doubling our research and production efforts, and that decision appears to be paying off. Our team is in the final steps preparing these products for launch, and we should have them ready in the market soon, said Kristina Meyers, brand manager for Supremasea.

For more information contact Ann Rodgers of Supremasea
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