Fortitude Plethora: are you using psychology to improve your communication skills?

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Sales and event marketing firm Fortitude Plethora believes communication to be the cornerstone of successful marketing and is adamant that in today’s world people need to make more effort to form meaningful connections

Marketing strategies rely on an accurate understanding of behaviours and bridging a link between consumer and brand. By taking the time to develop a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour and activity, Fortitude Plethora is confident brands can engage more successfully with their potential and existing consumer base. The firm looks at psychological theories that may offer marketers a competitive edge when developing new campaigns.
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There are several theories from psychologists that reference how humans can manage communication and relationships, these principles can offer insight into how people manage their connections within a social environment. For example, Dunbar’s theory refers to tests on primates and brain size being about social groups. The theorist concluded that humans can manage around 150 friends, and have an inner circle of approximately 12. Marketers can utilise this information to value the engagement levels from a consumer when an individual connects to the brand, this theory suggests a friend or colleague was removed from the 150-connection list.
Fortitude Plethora’s Managing Director Toni Stewart is keen to promote the importance of understanding human behaviours and actions. When developing marketing campaigns, it is beneficial to be able to analyse human behaviour to allow data generated to offer insights into how successful a marketing study is.
Miss Stewart has also used a study she covered in university to develop a strong company culture. The theory, published by psychologist Frederick Herzberg in 1959, suggests that satisfaction and dissatisfaction in the workplace are measured in different ways. Herzberg states job dissatisfaction comes from hygiene factors which include work environment, salary and security, and job satisfaction relates to motivating factors, such as enjoying the work, having responsibility and feeling a sense of achievement within projects. Toni Stewart works in close collaboration with her contractors to optimise both hygiene factors and motivation factors and is confident this is why she has developed a strong foundation in which she has been able to expand the firm’s market reach.
Based in Manchester, Fortitude Plethora is a leading force within the event marketing industry. The firm generates a high return on investment for their clients by creating unique face to face marketing campaigns that accurately represent their brands – taking them directly to consumers. Connecting with consumers via face-to-face marketing allows the firm to create stronger, more personal connections between brands and consumers which drive greater brand engagement. This approach leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients in the beauty, telecommunication and finance industries.
Fortitude Plethora specialises in personalised marketing on behalf of their clients. For more information Follow @FortitudePletho on Twitter and Like them on Facebook.
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