How to Use an Eyelash Curler

There’s really no better way to make your eyes look bigger and brighter than by curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. If magazine and online articles are to be believed, then the eyelash curler is one of the great beauty secrets of thousands of gorgeous women and their makeup artists.
Metal eyelash curlers are better than plastic. You’ll want to replace the pads on the curler every 2 months if you use it regularly. For best results, you’ll want to gently heat the curler with a blowdryer for no more than 3 seconds.
Follow these steps to give your eyelashes extra volume. The whole process takes about three minutes.

The first thing to remember when using an eyelash curler is to remove any bits of makeup from both your eyes and from the eyelash curler. This is so that bacteria will not spread and so that unnecessary allergies and infections can be avoided.
The next step is optional, some women prefer to heat up their mascara. Like that of a curling iron, a heated up eyelash curler offers a more dramatic and long lasting curl. Just make sure to touch the curler to test its heat before holding it up to your eye area, as this area is very sensitive.
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