If I Rest, I Will Rust

The significant1 words found on an old key —”If I rest, I will rust”—would be an excellent motto for those who are lazy.Even the most diligent person might adopt it as a reminder. If one allows his abilities to rest, like the iron in the unused key, they will soon show signs ofArmadyl battlestaff rust, and, finally, cannot do the work required of them.
Those who wish to climb to great heights must constantly keep their abilities in use, so that they may unlock the doors to knowledge.Diligence keeps the key that opens the treasury of achievement bright. If Hugh Miller, after working hard all day in a mine, had devoted his evenings to rest and relaxation, he would never have become a famous geologist4. The famous mathematician, Edmund Stone, would never have found the key to the science of mathematics if he had given his spare moments to idleness. If the young Scottish man, Ferguson, had allowed his busy brain to go to sleep while he tended sheep on the hillside instead of measuring the positions of the stars, he would never have become a distinguished astronomer .
Labor conquers all: not inconsistent or ill-directed labor, but faithful and unstopping daily effort, toward a well-directed purpose. Eternal diligence is the price ofosrs goldnoble and enduring success.

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