Neverwinter astral diamonds for sale:Neverwinter Stopped Supporting Windows XP & Direct3D9

The Neverwinter site announced that they had stopped to support Windows XP and Direct3D9, or Video Cards with a Direct3D Hardware Feature Level less than 10.0. For Microsoft ceases to support for Window XP, it is time to upgrade your system and buy neverwinter astral diamonds to enjoy a higher-quality game play.
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Original announcement for this update was out in December

Last week, Blizzard announced that they will end the support for Win XP as well, mainly for Microsoft has ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows. So does Neverwinter, and the original announcement for this update was out in December in order to minimize the impact for players.
Neverwinter support for Windows XP, Direct 3D & lower ended as of March 2
Neverwinter support for Windows XP and Direct 3D 9 and lower has officially ended as of March 2. If you use D3D11 but still suffer from issues, you can contact the Neverwinter site with System information, Gameprefs.Pref file, Dxdiag, and the description of what you are experiencing. They will gather the data at first and find out the solution.
In addition, Neverwinter has never officially supported Mac or Wine. With the update for Win XP and Direct3D9, players will never be accessible to Neverwinter by using any ways to use these OS and applications.
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