TurtleWise celebrates it’s One Year Anniversary

Industry: Technology
TurtleWise is a unique platform created to enable a community of people to share their experience, advice and wisdom with one another.
New York, United States (PRUnderground) March 3rd, 2017
TurtleWise aims to help those in society who regularly miss out on mentoring opportunities (both giving and receiving) due to limited time, limited network or limited resources. TurtleWise can benefit anyone, young or old, rich or poor, it is an all inclusive community. The goal is to connect members willing to help each other through life’s many meaningful challenges.Launched one year ago in Austin, TX, as a featured startup at one of the largest technology conferences in the world, South By Southwest (SXSW), TurtleWise received instant and universal support! By the end of this business, film, and music conference, TurtleWise had been introduced to several thousand conference goers, watchers and followers, and had attracted over 300 new members!Here are some additional highlights in our first year:

Achieved over 1,500 user sign-ups and profile creations.
Partnered with several recipient non-profit organizations to include Hill Country Mill Center, South Carolina Aquarium, Coro New York, and Comprehensive Development, Inc.
Supported over 500 meaningful exchanges within the TurtleWise community. (Anytime advice is sought and given, it is considered an exchange.)
Selected to Partner with Encore.org’s Generation to Generation community.
Committed to charitable giving through the Pledge 1% organization.
Created enterprise cohorts within the TurtleWise community representing higher education, mentoring groups, affinity groups, athletic programs and start-up/incubator groups.
“TurtleWise is a natural fit for groups that have a mission that includes providing guidance and mentoring to members of the group.  One great example is higher education – universities and colleges.  We find that the universities often have a wonderful network of engaged alumni, but they don’t have a platform that can help them share their experience with students.  TurtleWise provides that platform! Now prospective students, current students and alumni can come together to share questions and advice.”  Chris Hone, Co-founderAs TurtleWise continues to grow, the commitment to user driven continuous improvement is evident. Utilizing surveys, and additional customer feedback, TurtleWise plans to make significant improvements to enhance the user experience. One notable feature that will soon be available include branded pages, which will allow users to engage with influencers and organizations that are aligned with the TurtleWise mission, and many more to come!“I am very pleased and humbled by the extraordinary impact that the TurtleWise community is having on the lives of both advice seekers and advice givers.  As someone who engages with our users constantly, there is no doubt that the community is changing lives for the better, one great decision at a time.  I can’t wait to see how much more of an impact we’ll all make together in 2018!” Kevin Walker, Co-founder of TurtleWiseAbout TurtleWiseTurtleWise is an Experience Social Network and app that connects users as they seek answers to life’s many questions. Currently available for download on apple iOs, and online.Media contact email: hi@turtlewise.netMedia kit: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hk8du5k5ld6hqu1/AADYK-pfGrfX66NMG64W2MMTa?dl=0
About TurtleWiseTurtleWise is a Questions and Advice network that rewards you for giving and getting advice.TurtleWise was created to be a connector of people. On TurtleWise, we make it easy to get help and to help others. Join thousands of people who are changing the world, one great decision at a time.

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