CannaKids CEO Tracy Ryan Defends Use of Pediatric Medical Cannabis Against FDA Officials on “The Doctors”

LOS ANGELES–()–On Tuesday December 5th, CannaKids CEO Tracy Ryan will
make her daytime talk debut on the CBS Emmy award-winning program, “The
Doctors.” Tracy and Dr. Bonni Goldstein (MD, of Canna-Centers Wellness
and Education), will debate former-FDA Division Director Daniel
Fabricant, Ph.D., on several subjects related to medical cannabis. Tracy
and her husband Josh Ryan will also tell the story of how medical
cannabis helped to save their daughter Sophie after she was diagnosed
with brain cancer at 8 1/2 months.

The broadcast comes at a time when medical cannabis is a hot national
topic. Currently 29 states in the U.S. allow for some form of medical
cannabis access and in January, California will become the largest
recreational cannabis market in the world.

Tracy Ryan is the CEO of CannaKids and a public advocate for the use of
medical cannabis in treating pediatric illness. Since her infant
daughter Sophie’s brain tumor diagnosis in 2013, she has worked closely
with doctors and researchers to understand the benefits that cannabis
provides to sick children and adults alike. Tracy has taken the
knowledge from her daughter’s recovery and partnered with like-minded
pharmaceutical, research and medical entities, including CURE
Pharmaceutical (OTCQB:CURR), The Technion Institute, Vyripharm and the
Texas Medical Center, to research the true nature of cannabis’ healing
properties. She sits on the board of CURE as well as on the task force
for University of California Irvine’s multi-disciplinary cannabis

Bonni Goldstein, MD, is the Medical Director of Canna-Centers Wellness
and Education, a California-based medical practice devoted to educating
patients about the use of cannabis for serious and chronic medical
conditions. Dr. Goldstein has evaluated thousands of patients for use of
medical cannabis and has a special interest in treating children with
intractable epilepsy, autism, and advanced cancers, as well as adults
with chronic pain, autoimmune illnesses and other endocannabinoid
deficiency disorders. She recently authored the book “Cannabis Revealed:
How the world’s most misunderstood plant is treating everything from
chronic pain to epilepsy.” She has served as Chief Resident at
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, as a Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics
at USC School of Medicine in Los Angeles, Emergency Transport Attending
Physician at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Emergency Medicine
Attending Physician in the Pediatric Emergency Department at Los Angeles
County-USC Medical Center.

The Doctors airs at 2pm in most markets. Check your local listings or
exact time and channel.