Former Cocaine Addict Calls His First Marijuana Joint "The Biggest Mistake of My Life"

Jesse, a Foundation for a Drug-Free World drug prevention specialist from Texas, is passionate about keeping kids from falling into the trap that ruined his life.

​​​​​​It wasn’t just Jesse—it was his whole family, both sides. Alcohol, meth, marijuana and cocaine darkened his childhood. And it became his fate.

“My story is not a pretty one,” says Jesse. “I did drugs, I sold drugs. Everybody was doing it. I thought I was cool. I was wrong. Biggest mistake of my life was picking up that first marijuana joint.”

“I want to help prevent teenagers from trying drugs. We’ve got to start with this young generation and get them back on track.”

Former addict turned drug prevention specialist

He picked up that joint when he was 15, and he didn’t stop smoking and selling for six years.

“I influenced others to do the drug. I would say ‘it’s okay, it’s not going to mess you up.’ But marijuana is a gateway drug.”

Once people start using marijuana, they begin looking into other drugs, he says, anything to get high.  For Jesse, that other drug was cocaine. And it was a dead-end existence.

Then two years ago, Child Protective Services (CPS) threatened to take away his girlfriend’s daughter if he didn’t stop using.

He quit and he has never looked back.

To close out his CPS case this month, Jesse was directed to complete all 19 lessons of the Truth About Drugs program of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World.

One of the world’s largest nongovernmental drug education programs, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World empowers youth and adults with the straight facts so they can make informed decisions to live drug-free. The Church of Scientology makes all elements of the program available free of charge to educators, law enforcement and volunteers.

Although Jesse began it reluctantly and only because it was mandatory, it quickly became a game-changer for him.

“This program will blow your mind,” he says. “It’s filled with knowledge and truth. It changed my life, and now I get to tell people about it. I want to help prevent teenagers from trying drugs. We’ve got to start with this young generation and get them back on track.”

The Truth About Drugs materials include booklets on every drug of choice containing drug street names, short and long-term effects and quotes from former users; Public Service Announcements for each drug; and the award-winning Truth About Drugs: Real People, Real Stories documentary in which former addicts share their devastating personal accounts of life on everything from marijuana to methamphetamine. Every feature of the program is online at

 “When I first saw the Truth About Drugs program I thought it was just like all the others,” says Jesse, “but I was wrong.” He speaks from experience when he says “this program actually teaches you what the drugs will do to you and how addicting they can be and how they can lead to many other drugs.”

The full curriculum walks the individual through a lesson on each drug. They can also be used in a group setting, which is exactly what Jesse plans to do.    

“I’ll help anybody I can whenever I can and I see that this is the best way that I can help everybody, because there’s a lot of alcohol, drugs and lies out there,” he says. “I want to present this program in schools, to all students, and if I get one student out of 300, I will succeed, because if I can get to one of them I know I can get to the rest of them eventually, and we can make this a drug-free world.”

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World Truth About Drugs program is in use by teachers, law enforcement, and volunteers across Texas. Through a network of volunteers and partnerships, the Foundation has distributed 8 million copies of The Truth About Drugs booklets over the past year—more than 80 million copies since the booklets were first published in 2006.


Supporting Effective Drug Education and Prevention Initiatives

Seattle’s Drug-Free World Volunteers dedicate an entire month to reaching youth and educators with factual information about the effects of drugs

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the Seattle chapter of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World kicked off a month-long series of drug-education events at the annual conference of the Washington Traffic Safety Education Association (WTSEA) in Wenatchee, Washington. 

WTSEA Coordinating Secretary Gerald Apple thanked the Foundation for a Drug-Free World for their sponsorship of the conference and for providing nearly 5,500 copies of Truth About Drugs materials to educators attending the program.

In partnership with the Church of Scientology in Seattle which supports their activities, the Foundation held an open house and forum featuring Terrie Johnston, Crime Prevention Coordinator with the Seattle Police Department as the keynote speaker. Ms. Johnston spoke about the spike in heroin use in the greater Seattle area. She spoke of her decades-long partnership with the Church on crime prevention activities and the value of the Foundation’s drug prevention work in the community.

Drug-Free World volunteers capped their month-long drug education drive with Red Ribbon Week activities. Red Ribbon Week commemorates the life and courage of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena who was brutally murdered while on assignment investigating Mexican drug cartels. The volunteers fanned out across downtown Seattle, handing out hundreds of red ribbons and copies of The Truth About Drugs booklets that present the unvarnished truth about the most commonly abused drugs in a youth-friendly format. 

The Church of Scientology and Scientologists support the Foundation for a Drug-Free World. They are dedicated to eradicating drug abuse through education. Author, humanitarian and Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard stated “Research has demonstrated that the single most destructive element present in our current culture is drugs.”

Source: Seattle Chapter of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World

Benton Pet Photographer & Groomer Team Up for Holiday Photos With a Cause

Pawsonality Pet Photography by Abby Malone teams up with Simply Dogs Salon in Bryant, AR

Pawsonality Pet Photography and Simply Dogs are teaming up to offer Holiday Pet Portraits in part to benefit Bryant Animal Control.  The event will take place on Saturday, November 19, 2016 at Simply Dogs Grooming in Bryant, AR.  Pet owners are invited to bring their pets between the hours of  1 to 5 p.m. for a Holiday-themed pet portrait, featuring a beautifully classic holiday setup.

The sitting fee for a pet portrait is waived in lieu of each person bringing a bag of food as a donation, which will be given to the Bryant Animal Control. Portrait print packages will be available, starting at $25 as well as holiday card options, ornaments and more.

Pawsonality Pet Photography and Simply Dogs team up to offer Holiday Pet Portraits in part to benefit Bryant Animal Control.

Abby Malone,
Owner, Pawsonality Pet Photography

About Simply Dogs Salon

Simply Dogs Salon and Spa is a relaxed groom shop with a combined 18 years experience. Their goal is to spoil your pup(s) in a calm, secure environment.  Operated by Nicole Culp and Ginger Peterson, Simply Dogs Salon and Spa is located at  102 N. E. 2nd St in Bryant, AR.

About Pawsonality Pet Photography by Abby Malone

Abby Malone, owner of Pawsonality Pet Photography, is an internationally award-winning pet photographer, known for her ability to capture the personality of each animal in her artwork.  Abby was honored by the Professional Photographers of America in 2015 as a Grand Imaging Award Winner for her distinctive pet work, as well as a member of Team USA on the highly prestigious photographic world cup. Abby has been recognized in a number of state and district competitions for her print excellence and enjoys serving private and commercial clients in Central Arkansas and beyond. 

For more information on the event, contact Abby Malone at 501-749-3814 or visit her website www.Pawsonality.Photography

Source: Pawonality Pet Photography

How to Survive the 2016 Election if Your Candidate Loses

Elements Massage offers 10 ways to manage your stress now that the election is over.

“You win some, you lose some.” It’s an old adage that warns against taking defeat to heart, but this year’s presidential election seems to defy that logic. Most people agree this may be the most passionately divided electorate in memory.

The majority of Americans are waking up today feeling like “they’ve won,” while others are rising with the knowledge, “they’ve lost” and can’t fathom the possibility of failure for their chosen candidate. So, how does one cope if the election didn’t go their way?

The role of President is important, but thanks to the U.S. Constitution, the concept of “checks and balances” spreads power over three branches of government. Elections may seem like life or death to us, but the reality is the U.S. government is built with layers of accountability.

Jennifer Skinner,
Licensed professional counselor, Kettle Morraine Counseling, West Bend, WI

Jennifer Skinner, a licensed professional counselor with Kettle Morraine Counseling in West Bend, Wis., has some ideas. Here are her suggestions for surviving the election and beyond:

1) “Keep everything in perspective.” The role of President is important, but thanks to the U.S. Constitution, the concept of “checks and balances” spreads power over three branches of government. Elections may seem like life or death to us, but the reality is the U.S. government is built with layers of accountability.

2) “Learn basic relaxation techniques, like deep, methodical breathing, to keep yourself in control.” It may sound simple, but the act of taking deep breaths has a positive physiological effect. The human body cannot co-exist in both the sympathetic state, “fight or flight,” and the parasympathetic state, “non-threatened, and relaxed.” Learning this technique can keep your parasympathetic system active, and not anxiety-ridden or panicked.

3) “Don’t wallow.” Go ahead, and feel disappointed if things didn’t work out the way you wanted, but then get on with your life. The sooner you return to taking part in activities you enjoy, the better.

4) “Take action. Advocate.” Nothing will bring you out of the doldrums faster than working for the causes that are important to you. Volunteer to make a difference in the areas that attracted you to your candidate, and work towards the change you want to see.

5) “Kick your endorphins into gear!” Take care of yourself. Go for a massage. Take a yoga class. Try out a float tank. At a minimum, go for a walk to help you feel better. Exercise can help turn your mood around quickly.

6) “Look for the humor.” Laughing 10 minutes a day has benefits that can last all day. Find things that amuse you and surround yourself with them.

7) “Don’t drown your sorrows.” You probably know alcohol is a depressant, but that doesn’t stop people from drinking to feel better. Watch your alcohol intake always, but particularly when you’re feeling most vulnerable.

8) “Be curious.” Listen to the people who took the other side of issues. Is there something to learn from them? What was their perspective and what led them to their decision?

9) “Take politics off the holiday dinner table.” If you truly feel like your family cannot safely discuss politics, then it’s best to agree ahead of time that this is not a welcomed topic of conversation during this holiday season.

10) “If you really can’t let it go, seek professional help.” There are times in life when talking to someone about your feelings is the healthiest course of action. Don’t be afraid to open up. It can really help.

Skinner says feeling passionately about elections is normal, but we also need to focus on our well being and the health of our relationships with the people we work with, live with, and interact with every day.

Source: Elements Massage

GolfTEC Set for Accelerated Domestic Openings of Stand-Alone Improvement Centers

Dedicated Plan Ensures Seamless Transition for Students, Coaches Impacted by Golfsmith International Acquisition by DICK’S Sporting Goods

​​​​​​GolfTEC – the world leader in golf lessons and largest employer of PGA Professionals – is moving forward with opening multiple stand-alone improvement centers before the end of 2016, along with more than 20 new openings in major markets throughout the first half of 2017.

In response to DICK’S Sporting Goods’ recent acquisition of Golfsmith International and subsequent closure of multiple stores housing GolfTEC centers, the company has implemented a dedicated plan to ensure a seamless transition for students and coaches. In markets impacted, GolfTEC will either open a new stand-alone location (along with temporary options so as to not disrupt service) and/or transition students and coaches to a nearby, existing GolfTEC location. There are only a few locations where neither of the above options are available.

“GolfTEC is coming off our most successful fiscal year in our 21-year history,” says Joe Assell, Co-Founder and CEO of GolfTEC. “The Golfsmith/DICK’s Sporting Goods opportunity isn’t slowing our growth as we are in a great financial position with the mobility and capital to deploy more stand-alone locations which continues to be our primary goal.”

Joe Assell,
Co-Founder and CEO of GolfTEC

“GolfTEC is coming off our most successful fiscal year in our 21-year history,” says Joe Assell, Co-Founder and CEO of GolfTEC. “The Golfsmith/DICK’s Sporting Goods opportunity isn’t slowing our growth as we are in a great financial position with the mobility and capital to deploy more stand-alone locations which continues to be our primary goal.”

New improvement centers in Baltimore, Grand Rapids, Mission Viejo, Tucson, Dallas, Hartford and Birmingham are scheduled to open before year-end and will feature new elements including:

·         Totally revamped and modern interior design creating a dynamic and holistic atmosphere tailored to total golf immersion.

·         Enhanced TECfit club-fitting program that scientifically blends different swing characteristics and ball flight data to identify the proper equipment – including diverse club head and shaft combinations – for each unique student. This includes a more significant presence and overall space for club-fitting.

·         Additional enhancements will include state-of-the-art camera and lighting upgrades to provide enhanced high-resolution video for both in-bay playback during lessons and online viewing post-session.

As an example, the company opened its Hong Kong improvement center in early October and it is already breaking all-time monthly sales records. It is the first GolfTEC location to showcase the new, vibrant design scheme that includes an extensive digital experience, comfortable furniture in common areas and expanded putting/chipping areas. The next to open with this new GolfTEC design is in Ellicott City, MD (near Baltimore) in mid-November.

GolfTEC’s unrivaled category growth in recent years includes a 98% increase in revenue since 2010. The largest driver of new business comes from referrals by current lesson takers who boast a 96 percent success rate and drop an average of seven strokes from their scorecard.

The GolfTEC coaching team is mainly comprised of PGA professionals who have conducted thousands of lessons. Each is certified after multi-week training at GolfTEC University where comprehensive analysis of golfers’ swing mechanics cornerstones progressive teaching methodology. To learn more about GolfTEC, please visit or call 877-446-5383.

 About GolfTEC

The world leader in golf lessons and top employer of PGA Professionals has a 96 percent success rate among its students. Since 1995, GolfTEC Certified Personal Coaches, the vast majority of which are PGA Professionals, have given more than 6 million lessons. The company operates 200 centers worldwide and has a presence in almost all major U.S. cities, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea. All lessons are based on the company’s “Five Factors:” Fact-Based Diagnosis, Sequential Lessons, Video-Based Practice, Advanced Retention Tools, and TECfit® club fitting. To date, more than 600 GolfTEC Coaches work across a global network of Improvement Centers, consisting of both Corporate-owned and Franchise-owned locations and employees.

Bill Feidler

Source: GolfTEC

Jodi Hicks's New Book "Love Can Finish First" is a Personal and Impressive Story That Declares the Absolute Power of Love and Determination When Facing Adversity.

Newest publication “Love Can Finish First” from Fulton Books, Jodi Hicks is the author of a moving true story of how she fought and survived the most devastating challenges of her life by using love as her defense.

Jodi Hicks has completed her most recent book “Love Can Finish First”: a moving and inspirational story and memoir that validates the power of love and the strength found in its presence.

She was a personal trainer to golf professionals of the “Tournament Of Players Championship” in Sawgrass Florida, a group instructor, fitness professional to many nationwide and a Golf Channel contributor. She was a competitive runner and athlete, had competed and won trophies in fitness competitions and had a passionate twenty-year career helping to inspire others through health and fitness. But, it was all taken away when she was presented with the greatest battle of all, the one for her life.

Jodi thought she had it all until she was struck unaware with several devastating and life-threatening challenges all at once. This powerful true story proves that a relentless will to live, the devoted love of a man she just met and the love she has for him, can win the battle even if all else is lost.

She then and to this day lives by the mantra, “You either do or you don’t do, there is no trying!”

Published by Fulton Books, Jodi Hicks’s book is a powerful and heart wrenching must read memoir.

Readers who wish to experience this inspired and true work can purchase “Love Can Finish First” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

Please direct all media inquiries to Gregory Reeves via email at or via telephone at 877-210-0816.

Source: Fulton Books

Brides and Grooms: Bringing Couples Everything They Need for the Perfect Wedding is a website that offers not only the perfect wedding but is a platform that makes it possible for parents, grandparents and friends to give gifts.

Allen Ames has built a stunning garden for outside weddings that is available April – October and is busy every weekend.  Hundreds for couples have been married there for the past 16 years and are impressed by the beautiful landscaping. We create great memories that they can treasure for the rest of their lives.

Couples usually plan for a honeymoon and other needs for after the wedding. We offer a place where they can find products that they might need for birthdays, and other presents.

The product page will be updated regularly with sales where couples and families can shop for household products.  We are the only venue that is so all-encompassing.

For more information, visit:

Source: Brides and Grooms Online

Business Spirituality: The Intuitive Side on Illuminating Feng Shui, November 9th

Illuminating Feng Shui hosted by Feng Shui Master, Kathleen Zemansky, and guest, Danielle Nistor, will discuss Business Spirituality: The Intuitive Side this coming Wednesday, November 9th at 3:00 PM on the VoiceAmerica™ Business Channel.

Danielle Nistor, The Divine Connector, Best Selling Author and International Spiritual Teacher, joins Feng Shui Master and host, Kathleen Zemansky on this episode of Illuminating Feng Shui to discuss the connection between spirituality and business. She holds a BA in International Law and diplomas in many healing modalities. What sets her apart from other intuitive healers is her powerful Divine Connection and profound dedication to her client’s transformation. Her mission is to help people transform their confusion and fear into joy, inner peace and life purpose.

Danielle has empowered thousands of people globally to step into their greatness. Through individual sessions, channeled guided meditations, and unique transformational seminars, she will help listeners identify and overcome the hidden obstacles that hold them back from reaching their full potential, life purpose, success and happiness.

Kathleen will offer her business Feng Shui, Astrology and Auspicious Timing expertise for continued and lasting business success.

Listen in for sound business practices along with Business Feng Shui, Astrology and Timing tips from the TimeBlazr™ Business Management System by Business Feng Shui Master Kathleen Zemansky. 

Tune in this Wednesday, November 9th at 3 PM (PST) for this eye-opening show on the VoiceAmerica™ Business Channel at or

About Danielle Nistor

Danielle Nistor is a Divine Messenger for Mother Mary and the Ascended Masters. She is also a best-selling author and an international spiritual teacher. Her very own method of “Healing in Spirit” offers in just one session the channeled information on the roots of your problems and the essence of your soul, a clearing of blockages, and a blessing initiating the manifestation of the desires of your soul. Danielle has worked with thousands of conscious entrepreneurs, healers, and artists guiding them to create a life of authentic abundance and success while achieving their mission and living fulfilling lives. When she’s not working, she loves to walk the sacred places, write, and delight in the art of Ikebana. Learn more at Danielle’s motto is: “It’s your life. Live it fully. Live it with purpose.”

About Kathleen Zemansky:

Kathleen specializes in Business Feng Shui, Astrology and Good Timing, and uses these tools to empower her clients to follow their unique birth map, optimize their physical workspace, use their greatest strengths at the right times, and achieve their personal and business goals to craft their destiny. Kathleen developed her proven date selection technology, The TimeBlazr™ Business Management System, to increase efficiency, productivity, and accountability for her clients, who are both entrepreneurs and professionals.  Kathleen’s deeper passion is generating greater peace and understanding in the world through cross-cultural communication.  She believes her work is a way to pay forward the generosity and joy she has experienced in her world travels and studies.  She is thrilled to offer this timeless wisdom for a modern age to help make our world a better place to live, work and thrive.  For more information about Kathleen and her services, please go to 

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Source: 5 Elements Group

B-Air Sets Benchmark Again by Increasing Warranty to Two-Years on All B-Air Pet & Animal and Water Damage Restoration Product Lines

B-Air is expanding its product warranty from one-year to a two-year warranty providing the best quality products and customer service

With a reputation for outstanding customer service, B-Air is making more great improvements to equip retailers and businesses with the most efficient, resilient equipment extending their original one-year warranty to a two-year warranty for all B-Air Pet and Animal and Water Damage Restoration products.

Commencing on October 1, the one-year warranty on parts and labor increased to a two-year warranty while keeping the five-year warranty on the housing products and five-year warranty on the refrigerant system for the dehumidifier product line. This increase in the warranty coverage is in direct correlation to the quality and durability of the B-Air product line.

We wanted to communicate to all customers the quality and reliability of the B-Air product line. To increase the warranty was an easy decision and a clear testament that we believe and stand behind all of our products. Choosing equipment is a very carefully thought out process for our business owners and we take pride when B-Air is their number one choice.

Greg Aghamanoukian,
B-Air President – WDR- Jan /San Division

“We wanted to communicate to all customers the quality and reliability of the B-Air product line. To increase the warranty was an easy decision and a clear testament that we believe and stand behind all of our products. Choosing equipment is a very carefully thought out process for our business owners and we take pride when B-Air is their number one choice,” said B-Air President – WDR- Jan /San Division, Greg Aghamanoukian.

For more information about B-Air Products or to contact the Tech Support & Warranty Center, go to or call 877-800-BAIR (2247).

About B-Air (Intertex):

For almost two decades, B-Air has developed and manufactured air movers, dryers, blowers, dehumidifiers and ventilators for commercial and retail use. B-Air prides itself on creating the highest quality products to supply the needs of the ever changing and evolving industries it serves. B-Air products are designed and engineered in California ensuring attention to detail and the highest standard of quality.

Leading the industry when it comes to the inflatable and pet industries, B-Air is positioned to become a market leader in the water restoration and janitorial industry having already become the go-to company for quality air movers, dehumidifiers, scrubbers, water damage restoration equipment and more. With accolades by reputable organizations, B-Air continues to uphold its core objectives: to develop superior products with exceptional customer service. For more information visit Follow B-Air Products on Facebook (bairproducts), Twitter (@bairproducts) and Instagram (bairproducts). Follow B-Air Pet on Facebook (, Twitter (@bairpet) and Instagram (

Source: B-Air