DAYBREAK EMBRACE Releases Hot New Video and Single "The Moment"

DAYBREAK EMBRACE James Wamsley “And there was a moment..I long for that moment”

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Feb. 9, 2017 – PRLog — Daybreak Embrace is seriously bringing it to the table with their new song “The Moment”. This tune will ring true for many passionate about something…or someone… road warriors, rock’n’rollers, and fans alike.. With emotion laced lyrics, an endearing melody, and searing solos..Along with a vibe that just pulls you in…The Moment has got some chops!
  Says Kenny Figueroa (guitar), “The Moment” is a tribute to the fans and family gained on a cross-continent journey full of love, life and loud music.” Added bassist Ryan “Fry” Dorries “We realize that we are living dreams right now because of your love and support.”

Along with the release of the “The Moment” on

**And everywhere digital music is distributed.
 The band has released an accompanying video highlighting some of their overseas performance at Woodstock Poland 2016. It includes pounding live shots of D.E. crushing it on stage. As well as behind the scenes B roll, shot by the guys themselves. Even if you’ve never heard Daybreak Embrace… If your a fan of music, bands, or festivals…you’ll find yourself watching this video more then once..

[embedded content]
   Daybreak Embrace is set to perform in support of “The Moment”…along with other new material the band has coming down the pike for 2017..
  This is The Moment…

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Tene Nicole Welcomes Rising Star London Arrington To Its Roster Of Stellar Clients

At the tender age of nine years old this Cleveland, OH native is making a mark for herself in show business

London Arrington

NEW YORK – Feb. 9, 2017 – PRLog — Cleveland, Ohio’s very own London Arrington also known as “Londy” has begun making make a mark for herself and at the tender age of nine. Already under her acting belt includes a reoccurring role on Fox’s hit show Empire as the young Loretha “Cookie” Lyon and recently a photo double role for the character Raynell in Denzel Washington’s critically acclaimed film “Fences”.

London is proving she is more than an actress, with natural talents of a model and singer, she also understands the importance of giving back. In August of 2016 London had the pleasure to walk for Macy’s Department Store in support of people with autoimmune diseases. The opportunity was not only rewarding allowing London to walk the runway but she was the opening act for the two-day show allowing her to show off her talented vocals.
Up next for this bright rising star is her upcoming role as “School Girl” on Netflix original series Mindhunters. Also, recently named the Brand Ambassador of David Ford Optical Kids wear, where she partnered with the brand and will be releasing her very own Eyewear Line called “LondyWear” releasing Spring 2017. In addition, to starting her very own anti-bullying campaign against kids who wear eyewear. Traveling to inner city elementary schools to discuss the importance and the effects of bulling.
To gain media access or request interviews with London Arrington,contact Nikkia McClain, Tene Nicole Marketing and Public Relations at
Media ContactNikkia McClainTene Nicole, Marketing and Public Relations6462442140***

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Fitzpatrick Academy Is Gearing Up for St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick’s Day Special 2017

Feb. 9, 2017 – PRLog — The Fitzpatrick Academy of Irish Dance has produced incredibly dedicated and talented dancers who are not only eligible to compete at a Regional, National, and International basis, but have already ranked highly at these levels. Although the school has a strict focus on competition, they also cater to non-competitive dancers who enjoy learning the basics and traditions of Irish dance. Since its emergence, the Fitzpatrick Academy has seen a steady increase in wins and successes in Major championship competitions, as well as in local ones. They have now expanded and have added more classes as well as a Middle Village location. The Fitzpatrick Academy has produced seasoned dancers who have earned continued success each year at this championship by steadily and progressively climbing in the rankings among their competitors. The academy has trained dancers ranging of those who make the final cut to world qualifiers.
The Fitzpatrick Academy of Irish Dancing was founded by Kelly Fitzpatrick, TCRG (certified teacher under Irish Dancing governing body, An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha, in Dublin, Ireland), in the Spring of 2010.  After coming from a long line of Irish dancing relatives (including 1994 World Champion, Kerry Hutchinson),  Kelly began dancing at the age of 3 and has trained under some of the best Irish Dancing teachers in the United States. As a two-time regional champion, she was not only fortunate enough to travel around the world to compete, but has maintained high rankings on a national and international level throughout her dancing career. She went on to win medals in both solo and ceili dancing at the highest level of competition, the All Ireland and World Championships.

They will be participating in The Ladies AOH, Division 15’s Irish Cultural Day on March 5th at St. Mel’s Church from 1-5PM.  They will be joined by other live Irish music talent as they celebrate Division 15’s 75th Anniversary!
In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the Academy is offering a St. Patrick’s Day special.  It’s a 4-class session for only $25, instead of the usual $40.  The dates are March 13, 20, 27, and April 3.  The classes will be held at both the Whitestone location and the Middle Village location.  Call 516-404-6946 or email to reserve your spot!
Whitestone Location:
14-15 Clintonville St, WhitestoneTime: 5:30-6:00

Middle Village Location:
Moves and Motions Studios74-02 Eliot Ave, Middle VillageTime:  4:30-5:00
If you’re interested in taking classes, the Academy is offering a spring session starting April 10 for a 10 class session for only $75.

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#AlternativeFacts or Alternate Outcome: WHICH WILL YOU BELIEVE?

Kevin E. Taylor

NEWARK, N.J. – Feb. 9, 2017 – PRLog — Kevin E. Taylor is pleased to announce that he has released his latest opinion column. The following is the full text:
It seems to me that people have become so bored with in and their own lives that they waste time, efforts and energy debating with people about crazy, nonsensical things.

Honestly, when someone tells you something that you know to be a lie, why is it necessary to stay invested in the conversation (or the relationship) just to have a huge “GOTCHA!” moment?
I say this because we have a leader in our country who has surrounded himself with YES people and at this juncture, it appears that being a “YES”-ser in this administration means that not only will you sit still and listen to the lies and untruths as they are spoken, but you will take on the assignment of finding new ways to engage the world on their behalf and justified these lies as something other than that. The Chief Advisor calls them “alternative facts” and the Press Secretary screams and stomps until you stop talking about the lies and tries to make your silence a confirmation of his truth, which is in fact a lie.
It applies to do your daily life because there are people in your life who want you to invest in their lie or THE lie!
Well, here’s a newsflash that won’t be coming from the Press Secretary—your past can hinder you, but it can’t halt you!  You may have to get up from some brokenness and repair some broken thinking because people in your family haven’t experienced what you have, so they think that being an entrepreneur is too risky when you need to just get a good job with benefits. They might infer that you’re acting white because you “talk like them” even when “they” aren’t around. These things might bounce around in your brain like facts because they are coming from people you care about. But they are lies.  They are alternative facts, coming from people who are marveling in your experiences and looking in on your life and wondering how you have figured out how to do you so well.

Your mission, if you are prepared to talk it and walk it with fire and focus, is to keep doing you and showing them—the world, including your family and friends, foes and followers—that you are not doing this by accident but that you intend to be great, by every means necessary.  The alternative facts that would suggest that a woman can’t or a poor person from your background couldn’t or shouldn’t. Your life assignment is to not let someone else’s experiences change your expectations.  They may have stumbled or gotten stuck or even had things come up that caused them to stall, but the truth is that they didn’t find themselves in trouble until they believed the lies and did the one thing that your enemies and your scared Inner-Me wanted you to do—STOP!
The year is still young and the vision is still fresh, so your mandate and what should come your mantra is this:  DO YOU…ALL THE OTHER SPOTS ARE TAKEN!
You will waste time and tears trying to undo your mother’s mistakes and fix your father’s failings.  But you can do them both proud by finishing what they started in you and showing them that so much more is possible.
I remember watching Rev. Jesse Jackson in Grant Park, crying passionate tears, in 2008 after President Obama’s first victory!  Many people suggested that the good reverend was crying because he had run for president in 1988 and been unsuccessful.  People thought that the tears were about pride and prejudice and hateration and such.  But I truly believe that the tears where from another generation, beholding their child, their son, their legacy accomplishing something they never expected to live to see. Jesse was crying because despite all that he and Rev. Al Sharpton and Senator Carol Moseley Braun and Shirley Chisholm had attempted, there was still an energy in the air and in the community, that believed that we’d never see a Black man or woman occupy the highest office in the land.  So there, in the middle of Grant Park, Rev Jesse Jackson released all the tears of the ancestors that were stuck but never stopped believing as he watched Barack and Michelle with Malia and Sasha by their sides, smile and wave and say “WE DID IT!”
NOW WHAT?  What is the thing that you have do that must be completed not just for you but for your parents and grandparents or to change the destiny of your children and grandchildren?  I know you have tried and fallen and failed and you still fault yourself.  But the fact that you can’t let go of the vision is a sign that the vision hasn’t let go of you and whatever alternative fact you tell yourself, remember you’re not defeated until you stop. This might feel like it’s going to be the toughest time of your life, trying to push through all of the noise in the news and the fear in your family, but the truth is diamonds are developed under pressure and the people spouting alternative facts are only trying to distract you. Keep moving, forward!
About the Author
Kevin E. Taylor is an author, TV producer and empowerment speaker who tours the country and is the senior pastor of Unity Fellowship Church NewArk in Newark, NJ.  He can be reached through his website:

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After Five Years in Business Over 40 Females Changes Their Name

what women want logo hi res

NEW YORK – Feb. 9, 2017 – PRLog — Over 40 Females®, a nationally acclaimed inspirational networking community for women has changed their name after five years in business to What Women Want Networking to solidify branding of their wildly successful radio show, What Women Want Talk Radio, which has garnered over 500,000 downloads within two years of airing the show on LA Talk Radio.
The company now called What Women Want was founded in January, 2010 by Judy Goss, a TV personality/Radio Show Host, St. Martin’s Press Author, Speaker and Women’s Advocate, to Connect, Encourage and Inspire women all over the world. The first established chapter was back in the fall of 2011 in Fairfield County, Connecticut, which has been run successfully for over five years by Chapter Director Christine Oleynick.

Judy is a regular contributor for FOX NY and NBC CT in addition to the host of “What Women Want,” a weekly podcast airing on LA Talk Radio which has an average of 30Kdownloads/month. In the press constantly because of Judy’s background, who was also an editor and news correspondent at MORE Magazine/Better TV, What Women Want has now become a force to be reckoned with in the women’s networking industry. Judy created What Women Want to give women the resources necessary to start a business, connect with like-minded women, gain financial freedom, enhance their spirituality, improve health awareness, learn about fashion, beauty and more through continual live and online networking events, guest speakers, personal online profiles of the women and more. There is a competitive Speakers Board, an elevated “Executive Membership” and new chapters constantly opening across the country. What Women Want will also be hosting a national conference called “Spirit of Women” in Atlanta in the fall of 2017.
Not just another networking group, What Women Want has gotten its members press (both TV and editorials), jobs, national speaking opportunities, a $25,000 scholarship, invaluable business connections, education, hundreds of thousands of dollars in giveaways, friendships, increased personal confidence and more. Since the fall of 2011, 20 chapters have been established nationwide to represent women who are joining this rapidly expanding group.
The founder, Judy Goss, enthusiastically states “I am over the moon that we are now operating under the name of What Women Want, as our national non-profit partner has been Girls Inc. for three years and we want to make sure to include all women who want to be a part of such an important movement for women. We are striving for inclusiveness of women who want to “Connect, Encourage and Inspire” which is our motto, and whose desire is to grow, learn and feel supported in their personal lives as well as business or career.”
Over 40 Females® and their members and sponsors are routinely seen nationwide on outlets such as: NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, Better TV, News 12, Huffington Post, Shape Magazine, Westport Magazine, Bella Magazine, Long Island Herald and countless other outlets, newspapers, radio shows and blogs around the country.

Press contact: Beth Mercante, (888) 954-5552

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Celebrating Its 5th Year Anniversary, ScareLA Announces Expansion Plans and a New Venue

Among the Fastest Growing Fan Conventions in the U.S., the Los Angeles Summer Halloween Show’s Rapid Growth Propels a Move to the City’s Largest Event Venue; The Los Angeles Convention Center to Become the Home of the Hit Con as ScareLA Expands to 200,000 sq.ft. this August 5-6, 2017
LOS ANGELES – Feb. 9, 2017 – PRLog — Following a record-setting attendance in 2016, ScareLA, the Los Angeles Halloween convention, announced today its plans to expand to a new venue in downtown Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Convention Center is set to become the show’s new home; West Hall will open doors to hundreds of Halloween vendors and thousands of fans under the theme “Monsters Come Together” on August 5-6, 2017.
Since debuting in 2013, ScareLA has captivated audiences by kicking off Halloween early. The show’s unique premise is combining a favorite U.S. tradition, Halloween, with the peak season for fun and travel, the summer. Set in the entertainment capital of the world, the convention is a mecca for horror fans of all ages. Attracting a record 12,000 attendees in 2016, ScareLA has become one of the fastest-growing independent conventions in the U.S. to date.

“2017 marks a milestone for ScareLA and our fifth year anniversary,” said Lora Ivanova, ScareLA Executive Producer and Founder. “To celebrate this occasion, we are brewing up an incredible mix of entertainment and preparing for what is sure to be our biggest and best year yet. We are thrilled to welcome fans to our new home at the Los Angeles Convention Center, our city’s premier event venue. We believe our community deserves the very best and we are proud to take our place among the best shows in the country.”
In 2016 more than 171 million Americans celebrated Halloween. Total spending in the U.S. reached a whopping $8.4 billion, an all-time high in the history of NRF’s annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights. The survey found that 7 in 10 consumers hand out candy on Halloween, and nearly half decorate their home or dress in costume.
ScareLA’s 2017 theme, “Monsters Come Together,” celebrates diversity, unity and tolerance. Created to bring people together in a celebration of the scary and unusual, the convention aims to build and strengthen community ties across diverse groups, backgrounds and interests.
ScareLA’s trademark combination of original immersive entertainment, on-site haunted house attractions, and diverse scare-themed programming have set a new standard for convention experiences nationwide. The show has solidified itself as the premier destination for a fast-growing audience which loves, lives and works in the scare entertainment industry. It spotlights the rich Southern California scare community, from its iconic seasonal theme park events, to haunted attractions, theater, film, escape rooms, interactive experiences, the who’s who of horror and more.

For more information, visit

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It's Not Too Late to Jumpstart a Healthy Lifestyle for 2017

MISSION, KS, Feb 09, 2017 (Marketwired via COMTEX) —4 tips you need to succeed

MISSION, KS–(Marketwired – Feb 9, 2017) –  (Family Features) Each year, millions of Americans make New Year’s resolutions to achieve personal or professional goals. For many, that means focusing on improving health and wellness. You tell yourself this is going to be the year you join a gym, eat better or drink more water. Yet that commitment often falls short, as a recent survey suggests less than 10 percent of Americans achieve their resolutions.

There are many reasons people fall short of their goals, including setting the bar too high or being overly restrictive, which can lead to small failures and setbacks. However, there are easy ways to get back on track. A Global Water Survey, published by Nestlé Waters and Kantar TNS, revealed 94 percent of American respondents believe drinking water helps maintain a healthy lifestyle.

One key to jumpstarting a healthy lifestyle is staying hydrated by drinking more water. With so much focus on food, beverage choices are often overlooked. With no calories or added sugars, water is a smart choice to stay hydrated. Here are four tips from Sarah Ladden, a registered dietitian and Director, Nutrition, Health and Wellness at Nestlé Waters North America, to help you stay hydrated in 2017 and beyond.

1. Good habits shouldn’t feel bad. Overly restrictive commitments can set you up for failure. Instead, adopt small and manageable changes to your daily routine and they can add up to big changes over time. For example, swapping just one 12-ounce (140 calorie), sugar-sweetened beverage with water each day could cut up to 50,000 calories and more than 65 cups of sugar from your diet in a year.

2. Replace what you lose. Adults are made up of 60 percent water, which needs to be replenished throughout the day to help you maintain a proper fluid balance. Keep water within reach all day — a pitcher on the kitchen counter, a bottle in your car’s center console, a refillable bottle at your desk — to keep healthy hydration top of mind.

3. Add some sparkle to your day. Sparkling water is a great option for those who favor something other than plain water. With zero calories and no added sugar, sparkling water is a delicious, refreshing choice for healthy hydration. When entertaining, consider adding a DIY sparkling water bar to your repertoire — just put out some sparkling water, sliced fruits, vegetables and herbs, and your guests can do the rest.

4. Turn your water bottle into your travel companion. The survey revealed that American consumers are 72 percent more likely to drink water in their cars. Whether you’re commuting to work or running errands, you’re constantly on the go and a bottle of water could be your best companion.

To learn more about healthy hydration, visit

About Family Features Editorial Syndicate
Established in 1974, Family Features is a leading provider of free food and lifestyle content for print and online publications. Our articles, photos, videos and web content solutions save you time, money and help create advertising opportunities. Registration is fast and free — with absolutely no obligation. Visit for more information.

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Michael French

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The Young Society lifestyle blog

Christina Geneve and Makeda Sandford, the creative minds behind local lifestyle and fashion blog Let It Be Yours, have been a voice of 20-something perspective for more than a year. The blog’s content runs the gamut from personal style and reflections on social topics to the environmental-human connection.
Those ideas, and the motivation to spread positivity, are what readers will find in The Young Society — a twice-monthly collaboration between Let It Be Yours and Xpress. Through text and photography, Geneve and Sandford seek to “reach the young, vibrant, artistic underground culture and amplify voices from people of color.”

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Home and Lifestyle show slated for Saturday

Radio Works General Manager and Vice President Chad Cummings said there will be a small twist to the show this year. The show has had more of a farm focus in the past, but is now targeting a wider audience.  
“We used to do a combination of farm and home, but this year we decided to go home and lifestyle and it brought a new whole aspect to it,” Cummings said. “It became much more of a family show as opposed to just targeting farm families and some homeowners.”
Cummings said there will be multiple vendors providing options to improve lifestyles, whether it’s nutrition, fitness or skin care. In addition, several contractors will also showcase what they have to offer to residents.

Community members will have the opportunity to visit with more than 20 vendors, from American Waterworks and Concrete Escapes to Elite Mechanical Systems, Avera Medical Group, Worthington Area YMCA and Jackson Chiropractic, among many others. As part of the show, John Deere will offer tractor rides outside the facility.
“We have a lot of great vendors this year — anything from financial entities like banks, insurances all the way to home remodeling … to fitness centers,” said Lauren LeBrun, Radio Works marketing specialist. “Then we also have some other health-related vendors like dermatologist and chiropractic.”
Cummings encourages people to bring their kids, as there will be activities led by the Nobles County 4-H program.
“They are going to teach kids different things that they do through the Extension office, but doing it in a location that is neutral,” Cummings said. “While kids are doing that, parents can walk around and shop.”

In addition, Bramble Park Zoo Animals will have a variety of farm animals on hand from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Food and beverages will be available to the public, and free ice cream cones will be offered all day.
For the complete list of vendors, visit

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