Donner Ski Ranch Launches New Website & Brand Identity

The new and completely redesigned website offers a rich online experience and invites skiers and riders to buy season passes and lift tickets online

Just before the start of its 80th ski season, Donner Ski Ranch has unveiled an all-new website – – offering an enhanced user experience and serves as the official hub for information on pricing, conditions, events, and more at the iconic resort.

The website features a contemporary look, responsive experience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices, enriched content, and all-new e-commerce functionality, allowing skiers and riders to purchase season passes and tickets online. With robust new content, readers can explore all the offerings at Donner Ski Ranch, check conditions, and get help planning their next ski getaway.

Featured highlights of the new website include:

  • User-friendly navigation for an intuitive browsing experience
  • Ability to buy season passes and lift tickets online through the all-new web store
  • Check weather and mountain conditions
  • Detailed information on lessons and rentals
  • Tips for first-time skiers and riders

Additionally, Donner Ski Ranch released a new brand identity, which has an iconic yet modern look, and will be rolled out this season.

“The revamped website and brand identity are symbols of a new era at Donner Ski Ranch,” said Tessa McHenry, general manager of Donner Ski Ranch. “We have long been known as a value- and family-oriented resort, and now we are expanding our focus by enhancing guest services and becoming a best-in-class service-driven organization. Our new easy-to-use e-commerce enabled website is just the start.”

About Donner Ski Ranch

Among the oldest and most iconic ski areas in the Western U.S., Donner Ski Ranch is a family-friendly resort that features a wide variety of terrain, inviting skiers and riders of all abilities. With one of the highest base elevations in the Sierras, Donner Ski Ranch boasts some of the best powder in the region, along with aggressive high-mountain and backside terrain. For beginner and intermediate skiers, Donner Ski Ranch offers easy access to novice runs, group and private ski/snowboard lessons, equipment rentals, retail shop, and a tubing park. With highly affordable ticket and package pricing, Donner Ski Ranch is the premier destination for family fun.


Source: Donner Ski Ranch

Coastline Manufacturing Company Releases Its New WindTamer Product Through a Kickstarter Campaign

The new WindTamer blocks the wind making it possible to cook a meal outdoors regardless of the weather conditions.

​​​Coastline Manufacturing Company has just released a new product to the marketplace through a Kickstarter Campaign. The WindTamer, created by Mitchell Schliebs CEO of, converts any common camp stove into a high output camping appliance in high wind, rain or fog while also conserving the stove’s fuel. It allows campers to cook meals outdoors regardless of the weather conditions.

According to a 2014 Camper Report sponsored by Coleman Company and the Outdoor Foundation, and, more than 40 million Americans went camping in 2013, sleeping outdoors nearly 598 million nights. Only 16 percent of those camped in RVs while 77 percent slept in a tent. Younger less affluent Americans are dominating camping sites, and as a result, they are unable to buy RVs. To ensure the most pleasant camping experience, 59 percent budget for the best, most functional camping equipment.  

Schliebs created the WindTamer while camping in the Southern California high desert and local mountains while searching for a suitable homestead. He witnessed many other campers who struggled or left early due to the wind. Others asked him for assistance as they watched him cook on the stove top or fire place. The idea for the WindTamer was born.

With three decades of freelance design work behind him, Schliebs began taming the wind at Mojave Narrows using a sheet of Nomex stretched over the front of the campground grill, laying the groundwork for his initial design. The WindTamer provides a Nomex shield with a steel stand that protects the stove from the elements. It’s quick and easy to set up and vents at the top. It’s also large enough to accommodate a three burner stove and offers pockets and holders on the sides for paper towels, foil, and other cooking utensils for convenience and organization. While providing easy access to the burners, it also saves on the amount of fuel utilized by the stove and is reusable saving money over time.

“Camping should always be a rewarding adventure but cooking in a windy, possibly wet environment will turn meal preparation into a risky undertaking with an unknown outcome,” says Schliebs. “Cold or under cooked food is sure to rile moms and kids and cause consternation to future camp-outs. WindTamer helps ensure hot nutritious meals from morning to night.”

The Kickstarter Campaign is offering Black Friday specials with early special pricing for the WindTamer. Those who wish to pledge $25 or more will receive the Kitchen Gear Wrap including Nomex sharp object pouch. A pledge of $87 or more, will allow customers to receive one WindTamer with basic tote bag, a savings of $24.00 off the regular cost. Those who pledge $105 or more will receive WindTamer with XL tote bag. All shipments are anticipated in January 2017.  To learn more about the WindTamer and to make an early purchase to access this exclusive deal, visit the WindTamer Kickstarter Campaign.

About Coastline Manufacturing Company

Coastline Manufacturing Company produces the best quality towed car and motorhome bras on the market today. The company has recently expanded offering new products for the off-road traveler. For more information and to view their products, visit

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"The Plunger": Assists Golfer in Retrieving Golf Ball From the Cup

​Golf is an outdoor sport enjoyed by twenty-three million people in the United States. Golfers of all ages, shapes and sizes play the game. At the end of each hole the golf ball comes to rest at the bottom of the cup which is four inches below the ground. The golfer then must bend over to retrieve the ball from the bottom of the cup placing stress on the knees and lower back. This process exposes the golfer to possible injury, especially older golfers who have lost some flexibility over the years.  The Plunger is an assistive device specially designed to facilitate expedient retrieval of a golf ball from a cup while remaining in the upright position without marring the cup.
This is an elongated tubular unit which is adjustable to accommodate players of different heights. The device is 24 inches long when compacted and can extend up to 34 inches long. It is fabricated of lightweight, durable aluminum or plastic. The distal end provides the primary function with a rubberized suction cup sized to fit a standard golf ball. The golfer simply lowers the device into the hole and presses down and the suction power grips the ball allowing the user to lift The Plunger and the ball out of the cup. The Plunger does not attach to the putter and effect the balance of the putter. It is an adjustable, lightweight, stand-alone unit designed for easy storage and accessibility. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Plunger.
The Patent Pending Plunger was invented by Robert Bava of Randolph, NJ who said, “The bottom of the hole is where every golfer wants to be. I have developed a prototype that successfully retrieves the golf ball from the hole in a safe and expedient way. The Plunger is the perfect golf accessory to make the game more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.”
EDITOR’S NOTE: Development of this product is being handled by Invents Company. For more information about licensing or sale, contact the Licensing Department at Invents Company Operations Center, P.O. Box 1682, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576    Tel: 212-620-2629    

Contact: Jeanne Nelson   Media Dept: 10026   (646) 503-4817

Source: Invents Company

WeeTect Developed Both Co-Mold and Coating Photochromic Technology

WeeTect’s new photochromic technology changes to different colors/tint depending on different photochromic ingredients.

​​WeeTect today announced a new photochromic technology that changes to different colors/tint depending on different photochromic ingredients. This is an advanced technique that uses co-molding and coating photochromic technologies that may include other unique innovations such as anti-fog, hydrophobic and scratch resistant coatings.

“Our new photochromic technology aims to protect users from bright sunlight/ultraviolet radiation by tinting faster within the first few minutes,” said Taylors Lei, WeeTect product manager. “This is a first class photochromic technology, which can be used alongside hydrophobic coating, anti-fog and anti-scratch coating has the best optical properties even in the devastating weather conditions.”

Features of WeeTect Photochromic technology (WPT)

The company has adopted both co-mold and coating photochromic technologies for all its products.

Co-mold photochromic technology

WeeTect uses a high quality photochromic film or photochromic sheet. This process adopted by the company involves preforming the sheets and co-molding them together.

The final product has a photochromic substrate sandwiched between two layers of the lens. Co-molding helps prevent the degradation of photochromic ingredients.

Photochromic coating

The company has adopted special material to apply the photochromic coating on injection molded parts. This forms a permanent bonding with the surface, making a long-lasting and durable photochromic product. 

Both the co-mold and coating photochromic technologies guarantee superior performance for all eye or face shields in any outdoor application.

Other coating technologies

For better optical properties, WeeTect Photochromic Technologies can be used alongside other coatings such as anti-fog, anti-scratch, iridium, hydrophobic, etc.

Therefore, the equipment or accessories with photochromic technology can be used in all environmental conditions. This is due to their ability to eliminate glare, fog and resist scratched.

Applications of photochromic

WeeTect photochromic technology is formulated for all products that are used in conditions where users are susceptible to ultraviolet radiation or excess sunlight radiation.

Currently, WeeTect has introduced: photochromic lenses, photochromic visors, photochromic face shield and photochromic goggles. They are designed for all outdoor activities such as biking, skiing, cycling, etc.

Availability of photochromic technology

The new product is available for OEM/ODM clients. These products include photochromic products that meet both standard and customization requirements.

All these are available to clients at affordable prices.

Customers can order for the new photochromic products from WeeTect main factory in China. WeeTect has also promised to introduce more user-specific photochromic products.

About WeeTect

WeeTect Material Limited is lens & visor manufacturer for OEM businesses. Since 1993, the company has invested in R&D, producing a range polycarbonate coating solutions. It has a line of products such as visors, photochromic lenses, face shields, welding helmets, mirrors and anti-fog solutions; with the most recent being the WeeTect Photochromic Lenses (WPL).

For more information:

Please visit or Contact:

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Why Golf Course Owners are Extremely Happy

Golf is a prestigious sport loved by many people across the world. With the contributing factors of its relaxing atmosphere, beautiful courses, perfectly set grass, and small bodies of water, golf is a sport that can heavily rely on the consequences of Mother Nature. If a golf course floods, golfers have to choose another course to play and in return, golf course owners lose money and potential clients.

“Golf course owners contacted us regarding the inability to obtain flood insurance on their greens and bunkers. They explained the cost of damages they were facing regarding flooding damages, and what could be done to prevent them, so we came up with a solution,” said Stephen Gill, CEO of Flood Risk America & Flood Risk Canada.

We have hit our hole-in-one with this concept.

Tiffany Largey,

Flood Risk America and Flood Risk Canada are sister companies that specialize in flood assessment and mitigation techniques. Stephen Gill, along with his business partner, Tiffany Largey were determined to find a solution to keep golf courses from flooding, golf course owners happy, and golfers still playing their beloved sport.

They created a detailed assessment of every green and bunker, including the clubhouse and any other structure lying within the perimeters of each course. From this flood risk assessment, they found which areas would have the potential risk of flooding and then devised an individualized flood plan for each golf course.

“We share the same type of excitement people acquire when they play golf and feel that we have hit our hole-in-one with this concept. We are truly excited to help many golf course owners maintain their business and golfers to continue improving their game,” Tiffany Largey, Partner and COO.

Visit us on the web.

Source: Flood Risk America/Flood Risk Canada

2017 Annual Astrology/Feng Shui Talk Year of the Rooster on January 14, 2017

Kathleen Zemansky, Feng Shui Master, will present her 2017 Annual Astrology/Feng Shui Talk: Year of the Rooster on Saturday, January 14, 2017 at the Unity in Marin located in Novato, California. The day-long workshop goes from 9 AM to 5 PM, followed by a reception. “The Year of the Fire Rooster is fast approaching – are YOU prepared?”

​Feng Shui Master, Kathleen Zemansky, presents her 2017 Annual Astrology/Feng Shui Talk: Year of the Rooster on Saturday, January 14, 2017 at the Unity in Marin located at 600 Palm Drive, Novato, California.  The special musical guest at this event is none other than Grammy nominated Stephen Halpern!  The workshop itself is from 9 AM to 5 PM, followed by a reception from 6-8 PM. 

This workshop is for people who are struggling because:

  • Their efforts aren’t resulting in more income.
  • They doubt the direction they are taking in life.
  • Their personal or business life is sucking the energy right out of them.

: Kathleen’s vision and intuition combined with her in depth knowledge of Feng Shui, raises her high above other people in her field. Her upbeat personality and cheerfulness made working with her a delight.

Sandy Bremner,
Satisfied Client

If anyone wants to change all that in 2017 for their life and business, come:

  • Learn what “your” astrology holds for 2017.
  • Discover the most vibrant areas of the home or office and transformational Feng Shui Techniques.
  • Receive Auspicious Dates to set you and your space on a path to success, health, happiness and prosperity.

“It’s your birthright to understand who you are, and use that knowledge to create a successful, prosperous life that’s uniquely yours,” says Kathleen Zemansky.  “Let it be in 2017!”

Here is what to expect:

AM Session:

*Annual Astrology how will the Fire Rooster affect YOU!

PM Session:

*(Part 1) Annual Feng Shui – each year the Feng Shui of your space changes. Be ready to make seismic changes to achieve your goals.

*(Part 2) Good Dates with the TimeBlazr™ Business Management System to help you get your year off to a good start using auspicious dates based on the ancient wisdom of the Chinese Calendar.

Musical Guest:  Grammy Nominated Stephen Halpern

Meet and Greet with Kathleen and the Sponsors. This is a great networking opportunity. Bring your business cards immediately following the event!

Please go to to download and print a chart for yourself, friends, family, and colleagues.  This 5 Elements Business Astrology Map will provide the following useful information:

  • Birth Hour:  This is about one’s dreams and aspirations, investments, one’s capacity to make decisions, one’s income.  (If the birth hour is unknown, no problem!  A lot of information will be gained from the remaining day, month and year.)
  • Birth Day:  This is all about “YOU” – and how one would like to be communicated with and how to communicate with others, how one is in partnership.
  • Birth Month:  This speaks to one’s career and what one is best suited for, one’s character, one’s ambitions.
  • Birth Year:  This presents people’s first impression of “you” (one’s reputation), one’s brand and marketing, one’s capacity to expand.

There is an early bird special price available through November 28, 2016.  To purchase tickets or for more information, please go to or call 415-690-9839.  One can also purchase tickets at the door the day of the event.

PLEASE NOTE:  This workshop will also be available as a livestream event, so even if attending in-person isn’t feasible, one still needs to register and purchase a ticket at the above site.   When a ticket is purchased online, virtual attendees will also receive a downloadable reference book of the astrological animals and their corresponding attributes with which to follow along during the workshop.


Kathleen specializes in Business Feng Shui, Astrology and Good Timing, and uses these tools to empower her clients to follow their unique birth map, optimize their physical workspace, use their greatest strengths at the right times, and achieve their personal and business goals to craft their destiny. Kathleen developed her proven date selection technology, The TimeBlazr™ Business Management System, to increase efficiency, productivity, and accountability for her clients, who are both entrepreneurs and professionals.  Kathleen’s deeper passion is generating greater peace and understanding in the world through cross-cultural communication.  She believes her work is a way to pay forward the generosity and joy she has experienced in her world travels and studies.  She is thrilled to offer this timeless wisdom for a modern age to help make our world a better place to live, work and thrive.

Source: 5 Elements Group

Cubs World Series Win Helps Artist Finish Painting

Victory gives artist final piece of information needed to complete work started in 2011

​​When Theo Epstein was announced as the new president of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs in October of 2011, artist Dan Duff had already been sketching out ideas for a painting to honor his favorite baseball team. The excitement generated with Epsteins’ appointment and a soon to follow request from a client for a gift for her husband, who was also a fellow Cubs fan, was all that was needed to get started on a painting that would not be officially completed until the Cubs once again won a World Series title.

The creation of his painting “Mr. Cub” was to become part of a series of works Duff calls Word Portraits. These paintings are created on a gridded canvas by filling in thousands of tiny squares with acrylic paint and then painting letters in each square. Together the letters become words related to the image that is created by the thousands of squares on the canvas.

He left the last four squares of the painting blank in hopes of one day being able to fill them in…

Dan Duff,

As an artist and lifelong Cubs fan, Dan had long envisioned creating a work that encapsulated every aspect of the organization, something that depicted the players, the fans, the Wrigley Field experience and the essence of what it means to be a Cubs fan. There was only one image in his mind that could come close to embodying all of these elements and that was one of “Mr. Cub” himself, Ernie Banks.

The original 24”x36” painting is comprised of 3,456 hand painted/hand lettered squares that create part of a word, the name of a Cub Hall of Fame member, owner, manager, announcer, retired number, song lyric, famous Cub fans and players and key dates in Cubs history.

In the spirit of true Cubs fans everywhere, Dan was optimistic that someday he’d be around to witness another championship – so he left the last four squares on the canvas blank in hopes of one day being able to fill them in with the year that the Cubs won their next World Series title. Almost five years after he started working on the painting he can now fill them in with the numbers 2016.

The original painting of Mr. Cub resides in Springfield, MO at the home of Jodi and Ryan Hamilton. On Monday November 14th, 2016 at 12:00 pm, Dan Duff will add the year 2016 to the canvas and finally get to finish the painting.

View the original painting of Mr. Cub online at

For address and directions to the Hamilton’s home, please call 417-849-4477.

About Dan Duff:

Born in Chicago, Illinois Dan spent many days of his youth riding the El train from the 4th & Linden station in Wilmette down to Wrigley Field to watch his beloved Cubs. He attended Cubs playoff games in 1984, 2003, 2008 and the 2016 NLCS game clinching 6th game at Wrigley Field. He is an artist currently living in the middle of Cardinal country in Springfield, MO. Dan has a wife and three daughters.


Source: Dan Duff

Freway Launching Indiegogo Campaign for Latest eBike Product Soon

​​​​The Freway team, who raised a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter last year, announced they will soon be launching another crowdfunding campaign, this time on Indiegogo, for their latest eBike product — Buffalo eBike ​—​ soon.

  • The e-Benefit​

After countless tests and finalization on the prototype for 6 months, Freway has managed to build a pedal assist ebike with elegant looking and several intelligent functions. There are 3 levels of power assist and it can be switched through the OLED control ring mounted on the handlebar. Driven by a 350watts (550watts at peak) bafang rear motor, kick-in feels like strong and regular  from the rear motor.Using FVS (Freway Vigor System) Gen 2 with the 11Ah Panasonic battery, Buffalo can easily cover around 50 miles of mileage on one single charge. It can speed up to 20mph and give riders a fantastic riding experience they’ve never had.

  • Cruise Function

Comparing to most of the eBikes on the market, Freway has gone some extra miles and developed a cruise button for the bikers. Instead of using a throttle, they use the cruise button to further enhance the riding experience.Feeling a bit tired after a ride? Freway has that covered. Just pedal a little then press down on the cruise button and the Buffalo will keep going at the current speed without pedaling.

  • Components of High Quality

Besides the e-benefits, the components of the Buffalo electric bike are of high-quality. The 27.5 inch rims and 19 inch aluminum alloy frame provide riders with good stabilizing performance on the ground. When riders want to exercise they can always switch to sports mode and the shimano M310 8-speed derailleur will help them exercise! Although it’s an 8-speed derailleur, it pairs perfectly with the e-benefits of the bike. The tektro draco oil disc brake helps to keep the rider safe. The tires from Kenda combine with front suspension to let the rider ride smoothly on almost any terrain. 

  • Intelligent Function

Unlike most electric bikes in the market, Buffalo is actually bundled with a smart phone app. It can be connected with the phone through Bluetooth. Using the FCCS (Freway Cycling Cloud System), the Freway Cycling App can easily track the routine , and record and analyze all data (mileage, speed, battery,etc).  The app can even check the status of the bike for problems and will keep track of the record after each ride so it can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.

  • Get It First

Feel the thrill to be a part of the first group of bikers to experience the Freway Buffalo electric bike. The price for something similar to Buffalo on the market is between $2,200 to $3,000. But Freway is going to give some bonuses on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. Just follow them on Facebook to check out the REASONABLE price. 

Facebook :

Source: Freway