Little boy diagnosed with leukaemia back home in time to celebrate Christmas

Friday 22 December, 2017Henry Fethon was diagnosed with leukaemia in September 2017 and rushed to Leeds General Infirmary. The Sick Children’s Trust has supported his family at Eckersley House whilst Henry has been receiving lifesaving treatment in hospital. Fortunately, Henry has made it home in time for Christmas and, as a thank you, Henry and his family have joined in The Sick Children’s Trust’s first ever Christmas appeal! Dad, John Fethon, tells their story: “Henry didn’t have the easiest start when he was born three years ago at Hull Royal Infirmary. His head was very misshapen after delivery and the doctors soon detected a hole in his left lung after assessing him on the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Henry’s mum, Alex, and I were really worried, but we were discharged a week later and took Henry home to settle him in and introduce him to his older brother, Harry. We kept taking Henry back to Hull for those first few months. I think you always know when something isn’t right with your baby. Despite the doctors sending us home and reassuring us that our son was fine, we couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something wrong. His breathing just didn’t seem right and Alex was especially concerned. Finally when Henry was six months old, an appointment was made for us to see a specialist at Leeds General Infirmary (LGI). Henry had an x-ray, which showed a narrowing of the windpipe when he breathed in and after a few more tests, the specialist diagnosed him with something called tracheomalacia. We had been right to worry all along. And although it was a relief to be taken seriously, it was also incredibly scary to hear that Henry did have something wrong with him. We discovered that tracheomalacia occurs when the cartilage in the windpipe has not developed properly and so, rather than being rigid, the walls of the trachea are floppy and cause breathing problems. The decision was made to monitor and keep an eye on Henry. The consultants were hopeful. If Henry’s oxygen levels didn’t dip significantly, we were told that his condition should improve as he got older and stronger so that by the time he was two years old it should’ve gone altogether. The specialist reassured Alex and I that surgery was rarely needed, but if Henry caught a respiratory infection he would need to be monitored even more closely and a decision would be made LGI referred us back to Hull and over the next couple of years Henry was looked after by an amazing consultant, Dr. Mary Barraclough. As his tracheomalacia improved, we relaxed and settled into life as parents to two young boys, both with very different, but equally happy personalities. Although, Alex and I sadly separated, we made sure we remained the best possible Mum and Dad to our boys. But then, at the beginning of summer this year, Alex began to notice that Henry wasn’t himself. He was short of breath, complaining of belly ache and seemed to be consistently under the weather. Alex took Henry to see three different GPs around the local area, all who told her the same thing, Henry had a viral infection and it would clear up of its own accord. I work at sea as a fisherman, seven weeks on and seven weeks off, so wasn’t around at the time. Alex was at her wit’s end and in a state of panic rang Dr. Barraclough, begging her for an appointment. By this point, Henry was getting paler by the day and began to bruise really easily – Alex even asked at nursery whether Henry was being really clumsy – they said he wasn’t. Dr. Barraclough saw Henry as soon as she could. And Alex could tell she was concerned. Henry’s platelet count was very low and she carried out an immediate blood test. All Alex and I could do was wait for the result. That same day I returned home from sea and the boys came to stay with me that night. By 9pm the boys were tucked up in bed, sound asleep. 15 minutes later my phone started ringing. As soon as I saw Alex’s name flash on the screen, I knew something was seriously wrong. She could barely get the words out as she said she was on her way round and we needed to get Henry to Hull. I just had time to call my Mum to ask her to look after Harry before Alex arrived. We raced Henry back to hospital and Dr. Barraclough was there to meet us at the door. The blood test results were back and showed an abnormally high white blood cell count. Henry had leukaemia. We handed our son over to the doctors in complete shock. Alex crumpled to the floor next to me and was completely beside herself. She was so traumatised by this devastating news that she just froze, she couldn’t move. I told Alex I would be back to comfort her, but needed to go with Henry to hold his hand, as he was terrified. Early the next morning Henry was transferred to LGI by ambulance, with Alex and I there beside him not knowing what his or our future held. For five days we were allowed to stay with Henry on the ward whilst he was monitored closely and a treatment plan was drawn up. The doctors very kindly made an exception and let us both stay there because of the circumstances, but we knew this was not a long term option. This is when I heard about Eckersley House, run by The Sick Children’s Trust. The nurses on the ward told me that this was a place where I could stay, totally free of charge, only minutes from Henry and Alex. I didn’t know that a charity like The Sick Children’s Trust existed and I couldn’t believe it when Jane, the House Manager, showed me around. I ended up staying there for well over a month and it meant so much to our family, that both Alex and I could be right there for Henry at all times. I had to take time off work, so travelling to and from Hull every day would have meant huge petrol costs, and we couldn’t afford a hotel in Leeds. Eckersley House was a total lifesaver. Because we were supported by The Sick Children’s Trust, we were able to be together as a family. Harry was incredibly upset with everything that was going on, but what helped was that during the weekends he could come and stay as the staff put up a comfy camp bed for him in my room. Being in Eckersley House gave us some sense of normality when there was so much uncertainty surrounding the family. Harry and I are big rugby league supporters and one weekend when Henry was in hospital, Hull FC were playing Leeds Rhinos away and I managed to get tickets to the game. Even though Hull ended up losing, it gave me a chance to bond with my oldest son and have a nice day out, knowing I was never far from Henry and could come back home to Eckersley House afterwards and make Harry tea in the kitchen. The staff were so good with Harry, they were so kind to him and took an interest in how he was getting on at school and what he’d been doing with his friends. When I finally left to go home in November, I made a donation of £50 to The Sick Children’s Trust. I would have liked to donate a lot more but we gave what we could and the staff were so grateful – they don’t expect anything. When we took Henry for his chemotherapy appointment at LGI recently, we dropped in and left a Christmas card. I caught up with a few of the families that I had become friendly with while staying there. That had been something so reassuring about Eckersley House – in the beginning, amidst all the uncertainty – it was a comfort to meet parents in a similar situation, who were a few weeks further into their chemotherapy treatment. They shared their stories with Alex and me, which helped to know what to potentially expect throughout Henry’s treatment. It has been hard for Henry. He was only meant to be at LGI for four weeks, but because of a few problems along the way our stay ended up being longer. However, his treatment is going well and he is now an outpatient at LGI, which means we are all home for Christmas. That’s incredibly special as we didn’t know if we would all make it home again at all. Because of what has happened, Alex and I have agreed we will all spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as a family, just the four of us. The boys are already getting excited! Henry is obsessed with the Paw Patrol toys and Harry is with gaming… they both have long lists, and we’ll just have to wait and see what Father Christmas brings them. Alex and I owe Dr. Mary Barraclough everything. Without her, Henry would not be here today.” The Sick Children’s Trust is a national charity which supports around 4,000 families every year. The charity relies entirely on voluntary donations to keep its ten ‘Homes from Home’ running, providing vital support to families with children undergoing lifesaving treatment in hospital. This Christmas it expects that every room in every house will be full with families, caring for some of the UK’s sickest children. Jane Featherstone, CEO at The Sick Children’s Trust says: “No child should wake up on Christmas morning without their family around them. But this Christmas, many families with a critically ill child in a specialist hospital will face a long journey to be at their child’s side. “A donation of £30 will give a family a place to stay in one of our ‘Homes from Home’, just moments from their sick child. It costs The Sick Children’s Trust £13,140 to run our ten ‘Homes from Home’ across the country over the Christmas period, keeping families together at one of the most important times of the year. Your donation can make this possible.” To keep a family together this Christmas, please visit: To watch the Christmas appeal film, visit: For more information on The Sick Children’s Trust and for other ways to donate, please visit

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Apache Expands Options to Transport Permian Natural Gas With Agreement for Incremental Takeaway Capacity to Texas Gulf Coast

HOUSTON, Dec. 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Apache Corporation (NYSE:APA) (Nasdaq:APA) today announced it had secured 500 million cubic feet (MMCF) per day of natural gas transport capacity via the Gulf Coast Express Pipeline Project (GCX Project). The GCX Project will connect the Waha Hub near Coyanosa, Texas in the Permian Basin to Agua Dulce, Texas near the Texas Gulf Coast, and will provide Apache access to domestic industrial and utility users as well as incremental demand for LNG exports and Mexico markets. As a significant shipper on the GCX line, Apache has also secured an option for up to 15 percent equity stake in the pipeline.

11-year-old Hitchin Boy Supports Local Charity’s Government-backed National Appeal

Friday 22 December, 2017Kai Marash, an 11-year-old boy from Hitchin has raised over £500 in aid of Hemel-Hempstead based Hope for Children, which will now be matched by the UK Government. Using their new ‘fundraiser’ tool, Kai’s father, Lash, set up a Facebook fundraiser on behalf of his son ahead of his 12-hour gaming charity live stream on Saturday 23th December, he will be coming to the Hope for Children HQ to receive a special certificate of thanks from the charity. Lash Marash, father of Kai: “Kai had the idea of doing a charity gaming event. We were searching the charities listed on Facebook’s Fundraiser feature & we found Hope for Children. We wanted to support a charity that would give a chance for less fortunate children to help themselves. We saw that Help for Children were based locally & after watching the inspiring videos on YouTube decided to raise both funds & awareness for this amazing cause.” Murielle Maupoint, CEO, Hope for Children: “All our hearts were touched when we heard about Kai and his desire to support our Head Held High appeal at this festive, giving time of year. When the Government match funding is taken into account it will mean this amazing boy will have raised over £1,000 to help children the same age as him in some of the poorest parts of the world access an education.” The Head Held High Appeal will raise funds to transform the lives of at least 1,500 children living in poverty in Ghana & East Africa by ensuring they have access to a quality education. Without an education, children as young as 6 years are often forced to work in fields, pick scraps or are exposed to the daily dangers of wandering the streets or slums they live in. The extra income from UK aid match funding will help Hope for Children provide a range of activities in northern Ghana including providing school books and uniforms, running teacher training programmes to improve the quality of education available, and community workshops that teach girls about their right to education. As a result of these simple solutions, thousands of disadvantaged children will have the opportunity to break free from poverty and live their life with their head held high. Funds raised by the Appeal will also be used to support the charity’s education projects in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. To support Hope for Children’s Head Held High Appeal and double the impact of your donation, donate online at Or send cheques made payable to Hope for Children to Hope for Children, 6 Progression Centre, Mark Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 7DW. – Ends –

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HONG KONG, Dec 21, 2017 – (亚太商讯) – 中国法律服务(香港)有限公司于一九八七年成立,三十年来致力为香港社会和市民提供内地法律服务,已成为香港与内地司法和法律界的沟通交流的重要桥梁。日前,中国法律服务(香港)有限公司假香港JW万豪酒店隆重举行成立三十周年志庆酒会。中央人民政府驻港联络办、外交部驻港特派员公署、驻港部队、香港律政司、惩教署、公司注册处、投资推广署、个人资料私隐专员公署、香港中国企业协会、香港大律师公会、香港律师会、中国委托公证人协会、香港中小型律师行协会等内地驻港及香港有关部门机构共400多位嘉宾莅临祝贺。司法部、商务部、民政部、国家工商总局、中华全国律师协会、中国公证协会、广东和上海工商局、中国法律服务澳门公司等单位分别发来了贺信。庆祝酒会持续90分钟,中国法律服务(香港)有限公司杜茂董事长、香港律政司法律政策专员黄惠冲资深大律师、中联办法律部王振民部长上台致辞。




志庆酒会亮灯仪式把酒会气氛推向高潮,一众主礼嘉宾和各机构的代表嘉宾上台启动亮灯仪式,为公司三十周年的盛事留下光辉的一刻。主礼嘉宾包括全国人大香港基本法委梁爱诗副主任、外交部驻香港特派员公署胡建中副特派员、香港律政司黄惠冲法律政策专员、中联办法律部王振民部长、全国政协常委刘汉铨律师、中国法律服务(香港)有限公司杜茂董事长、郭建安副董事长总经理、香港大律师公会林定国主席、香港律师会苏绍聪会长、中国委托公证人协会杨元彬主席以及全国政协委员谭耀宗先生。庆祝酒会气氛热烈、喜庆和庄重, 整个活动获得圆满成功, 受到各方称赞。

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DXL Men’s Apparel Launches GiftNow With Loop Commerce Just In Time…

Destination XL Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:DXLG), the leading retailer of men’s XL apparel, announced today that it has partnered with Loop Commerce to launch GiftNow, the leading digital gifting service in time for last-minute shoppers this holiday season. Through the partnership, DXL has integrated Loop Commerce’s GiftNow platform and service, enabling its shoppers to buy and digitally deliver any product from their website as a thoughtful gift just in time for last-minute holiday gift-giving.

“Clothing is one of the most requested gift ideas, and we wanted to make the selection process easier for gift givers,” said Sahal Laher, Chief Digital & Information Officer at DXL. “GiftNow eliminates the need for the gift giver to choose the perfect size and color. Plus, with instant digital delivery, shoppers can buy from our site right up until the day of the holiday – guaranteeing it will be delivered on time. Digitally gifting products is very different and more personalized than giving a gift card, and we wanted to provide the best possible experience for our shoppers. This is why we’ve partnered with the pioneer and proven leader of the category, Loop Commerce. With the holidays upon us, it’s the perfect option for last-minute gift-giving, completely eliminating shipping cut-off dates and making it possible to give a thoughtful gift anytime, even on December 25th and afterwards for those belated holiday gifts.”

Through the partnership, DXL will enable those shopping for others to easily and instantly send any product digitally by using “GiftNow” on the site’s product pages. Recipients receive their gift notification through email, text, social channels, or a printout. They are presented with the gift, which they can personalize to suit their preference in size, style, or color; they even have the option of exchanging it before having it shipped to the address of their choice.

DXL joins a network of world-class retailers and brands such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Banana Republic, Athleta, Michael Kors, Coach, Vera Bradley, and others that have already embraced Loop’s innovative digital gifting solution. GiftNow offers considerable value with collective consumer education, deep insights and best practices that significantly support the success and growth of their gifting strategy. They can now capture new sales by tapping into the emerging Gift-Commerce category, which is estimated to represent $200-300 billion in sales annually.

“We are excited about the opportunity for DXL to make their assortment more easily gifted for the holidays and everyday life events,” said Roy Erez, CEO and Co-Founder of Loop Commerce. “In an era of digital experiences and instant gratification, GiftNow will help DXL to drive incremental sales by giving customers an innovative way to buy thoughtful, yet stress-free gifts, and to attract new customers who are looking for a better way to shop for the man who’s hard to buy apparel for.”

About Destination XL Group, Inc.

Destination XL Group, Inc. is the largest retailer of men’s apparel in sizes XL and up, with operations throughout the United States as well as in London, England and Ontario, Canada. In addition to DXL Men’s Apparel retail and outlet stores, subsidiaries of Destination XL Group, Inc. also operate Rochester Clothing stores, Casual Male XL retail and outlet stores, and e-commerce sites, including and mobile site offers a multi-channel solution similar to the DXL store experience with the most extensive selection of online products available anywhere for the XL guy. The Company is headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts, and its common stock is listed on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol “DXLG.” Sizes start at 38” waist and XL including tall sizes, plus shoe sizes 10-16, in widths to 4E.

About Loop Commerce

Loop Commerce is driving a paradigm shift in commerce with its award winning, patented GiftNow® service, by removing the obstacles consumers face when trying to buy a physical product as a gift. Loop is an enterprise-grade, fully customizable solution powering the gift shopping experience and checkout for leading retailers. By integrating the personalization of gifting and tackling the challenges associated with gift shopping, Loop makes buying gifts not only seamless, stress free and thoughtful for consumers, but accessible when no other option exists, therefore driving significant business value and incremental sales for retailers. Loop’s solution seamlessly integrates with retailers’ online stores through a zero-integration implementation, fueling increased business, reducing costly returns and exchanges, and enhancing customer acquisition and loyalty. The company’s groundbreaking SaaS solution was built and optimized with significant R&D and collective experience working with some of the largest and most demanding retail brands. Loop is backed by PayPal and key executives in technology, e-commerce and retail. For more information about Loop Commerce, visit our website, and follow us on LinkedIn.

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