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LONDON, Dec. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Striving for contributing up-to-the-minute outputs into the sphere of online protection and supplying the followers with the latest technological news, has held an opinion poll regarding VPN usage. The main points of the poll are why people use VPNs and in what countries the number of users is prevailing. The results are reportedly proved to be unlooked-for. For those interested in getting at the result, please, follow the link

Top 5 reasons to use VPN:

As a result, 30% of the respondents have been in favor of VPN usage for safe Wi-Fi connections what is a step from the extension of hotspots and ease-of-approach settings alteration, which factors into confidential data leaks and identity thefts.

26% of the followers take advantage of a VPN for watching Netflix, which is proceeding from the restrictive policy of the streaming resource. Due to the comprehensive list of films and TV series, the channel has attracted a large audience, but the approach of clamping down VPN services has just enhanced the customers’ number of the service. 19% of the subscribers use VPN for safe torrenting, as sharing some materials while using a download-torrent customers’ safety undergoes threats through an opened gateway to the system.

13.5% use VPNs for gaming, because it’s useful for unblocking geo-restricted games, beta-versions or age restricted entertainment products.

Being keen travelers, 11.5% of the clients run VPNs for traveling. This is largely for the sake of staying secure online and getting access to ‘home’ networks while being abroad.

Top 5 leading countries in VPN usage:

As the poll has shown, the US followers pull away from the majority of the questioned. In view of the latest news of high ranked US government officials emails’ hacking, Yahoo’s story and the advanced technological development of the country, provided that the ‘security war’ was initiated by an American computer professional, Edward Snowden, the result seems to be interferential.

The UK has taken the second seat. Someway, because the country is included into ‘five eyes’ of the UK-USA alliance and partly due to the reason that the UK government is looking to curb the menace of terrorists and jihadis’ online activities and therefore intercepts all the communications of the citizens, there are many VPN customers of the total amount of the questioned among the leading countries.

Being also included in the ‘five eyes’ group, the number of Australian VPN users is short of the British. After the instructions were given to the Internet service providers and phone services in Australia to mine the data of the Internet activities of its users in order to prevent illegal downloads online, the Internet privacy of Australian web users has been put at a huge risk.

As well as all previously mentioned countries, Canada focuses on keeping and analyzing wide range of various information, as it enters ‘five eyes’ alliance too. In addition, the prevailing number of Canadian followers uses a VPN for unblocking Canada’s CBC when being abroad or for accessing to Hulu and other foreign web sources.

It should come as no surprise that Turkey closes the five leading countries in VPN usage. After popular social nets were blocked in Turkey, including WikiLeaks, technology sites and Twitter accounts, multiple Turkish users have made use of VPNs for Turkey.

Top-rated countries:

1. The US
2. The UK
3. Australia
4. Canada
5. Turkey

The column of 5 snappy answers:

The most unbelievable answers, which hasn’t expected to receive from the followers, and the most popular responses from people of different professions and ages who live in different countries are listed here:

A mother of four children from California claims that she uses a VPN for protecting her family’s online and, thereby, real lives. And let someone say that the US moms are not technologically advanced.

After the Snowden’s revelations the world has changed greatly for a follower from Connecticut, the US. Probably, it has been number one answer for multi-national followers.

A customer from Quebec, Canada has told a comical story when he though he went mad, because his new neighbor knew everything about him and appeared to see the future. When the poor fellow checked his Wi-Fi connection, the ‘seer’ turned to be a self-taught hacker. Therefore running a VPN for Wi-Fi connections has achieved the top result (30%).

One Indian citizen has told that after his country implied a strict law confirmed with a huge fine and even imprisonment for entering restricted adult sites he uses a VPN.

A retired pilot from Vermont, the US has stated that bank transfers and e-currency needs additional protection. That seems pretty wise and reasonable if taking into consideration the age of the follower!

P.S. African users can’t stay ignored. The thing is that a large number of people especially Africans are looking for free services. To that end, the best free VPNs’ rating has been designed by

Extra measures

A check on malware that can violate customer’s privacy presented in 203 free VPN apps for Android has been already run by security experts.

Based on investigation findings:

73% of apps undergo ads websites tracking (which products one is browsing and which articles one is reading);

41% of apps contain viruses and malware;

21% of apps contain port fail vulnerability that exposes authentic IPs of the customers;

21% of apps run unencrypted tunneling;

19% of apps don’t use anti-malware/ virus/ etc. gateway software for traffic protection.

One is not required to be a specialist to see that free VPN apps for Android are not free from dangers. Having applied a free VPN service for an Android-based device, a network is put under a risk of being attacked. So, being concerned about private data saving one should put two and two together from the check and rely on a paid service for better defense.

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