Comedian Posted Pics on Google Maps, Helping over 1.1 Million Users Find Businesses in 6 months

The Canadian Comedian also known as DJ Jamez and in business as James Cousineau, has taken his love of photography to a different level. Over the past 6 months he has been taking photos of businesses and points of interest for addition to Google Maps

The Canadian Comedian’s #3 top viewed image in 2016 with over 23,000 views @YVR

EDMONTON, AlbertaDec. 30, 2016PRLog — James travels Western Canada frequently and loves taking photos of natural landscapes, nature and wildlife. He also like taking pictures of interesting architecture and points of interest. Now he has added quick pics of local and other businesses with his Samsung phone. He adds them to Google Maps to assist others to find their locations or search out businesses such as retailers, hotels, real estate, attractions and more. He has taken that a step further with reviews of businesses of all types.

As a Google Local Guide, there is no compensation for these photos or reviews. It is something he does to help promote business and help others in finding the right business to match their interest or needs. Google Maps users are obviously finding these helpful as over the past 6 months, his photos and reviews have assisted over 1.1 million people in BC and Alberta find what they were seeking. It is projected to increase that number to over 25,000,000 in 2017.

James states, “It is a great way to combine my love of photography and helping fellow businesses gain exposure. The pictures are not of professional quality, just quick snapshots of businesss exteriors mainly. I have some amazing nature and wildlife photos but they are not the same as adding photos to Google Maps. Regardless, it is a great way to help people who are seeking businesses right away or for people around the world who may bee seeking out interesting locations for future vacations. It is fun and a great way to show the world the amazing western part of Canada. I am proud of our great nation and love sharing it with others. As a small business person, I love helping to promote my business and other businesses.

With constantly adding photos along with the current rate of Maps users, I expect that in 2017 my photos and reviews will be used by well over 25,000,000 users. I think that is pretty cool. I will also be releasing a coffee table book of some of my favorite photos including great shots of Mountain Sheep, Mama and Baby Brown Bears, Black Bears, the Canadian Rockies, National Parks, City Scapes and others that are not applicable so much to Google Maps. I want others to see the beatiful things I see in Western Canada.”

James is the Regional Manager of Kary Movers Ltd in Edmonton, Alberta (also offices in Vancouver, BC), Owner of Canadian Relocation Specialists and Soundmax Mobile DJ Services. He also has a passion for the indie film and music industry. He has assisted independent artists through his writing and producing of music & books,consulting with film and television productions on location scouting and management among other involvements. How does he unwind? He performs stand up comedy and shares comedy online hoping to share a smile and laughter with other around the globe.

One of the most exciting things he is working on for 2017, besides continued growth and success in business, is the loan from Google of a 360 degree camera. He will be able to add some very unique images of businesses and points of interest from Edmonton, Calgary through the Rockies to Vancouver and places in between all of these points. He will also be adding photos of business interiors but only on invitiation of businesses. More reviews of businesses which although they can request the review, they will not be informed of the date, time or other details of the visit for review. This will allow the review to be completed in a manner ensuring it is a reflection of how they operate on a day to day basis.

A picture may be worth a thousand words but in this case, a collection seems to be worth millions of interactions. Wishing everyone a joyous and prosperous 2017. The top viewed photos posted by The Canadian Comedian in 2016 will be released on his Reverbnation Page, January 01, 2017. He will also post some of his other photos for your enjoyment thoughout the list.

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