GoldenVisa.ch launches program helping foreigners earn Swiss residency

GoldenVisa has launched a new service program dedicated to helping foreigners obtain the Swiss residence permit.

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February 25, 2017 (FPRC) — GoldenVisa.ch, a leading firm in the citizenship planning and global mobility space, has launched a new program to help foreign nationals obtain Swiss residency. The firm has said that it will focus on foreigners from both the EU and non-EU countries who want to live, work or study in Switzerland, one of the most vibrant destinations in all of Europe. The Swiss passport was ranked the 6th most powerful passport in the world by Henley & Partners, a global leader in mobility.
Based in Geneva, Switzerland, GolvenVisa.ch was established about 3 years ago. Today, the company has established itself as an authoritative player in the global living space. In addition to helping global citizens plan where they want to live or invest, the company also connects Europeans to real estate opportunities throughout the block.
Generally, conditions of admission into Switzerland are strict and often involve a lot of due diligence. Even though most EU/EFTA citizens are generally allowed to move into the country, third-country nationals (from some EU countries and other nations outside the European block) have a hard time getting into Switzerland. However, wealthy applicants can gain a head start.
The Swiss Federal Act on Foreigners (LEtr) is a constitutional clause that allows cantons (administrative regions in Switzerland) to derogate major public interests from conditions of admission into Swiss soil. Although important public interests is a flexible legal term, industry experts have argued that this is a criterion for admitting top-dollar taxpayers.
Currently, there are 5 different types of residence permits issued to individuals looking to live or work in Switzerland. Rich foreigners from other countries around the world can obtain the B Permit, which allows them to live in Switzerland for a period of 5 years. The C Permit usually allows people already admitted into the country to permanently settle there after a period of 5-10 years. The other three Swiss residence permits (Ci Permit, G Permit, and L Permit) have specific criteria for applicants looking to seek employment or work in Switzerland.
GoldenVisa will help foreign nationals obtain the B Permit.
Richard Bleich, a senior director at GoldenVisa.ch, said, Over the last few years, over 500 important public interests have earned Swiss residency by taking advantage of a constitutional amendment. Most of these people have come from Russia, Turkey, the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Serbia. At GoldenVisa.ch, we have seen a sharp increase in the number of foreign nationals interested in the Switzerlands residence permit. Our new Swiss permit service will help this group fast-track the official process so they can start living in Switzerland. Stay tuned to GoldenVisa for more.

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