Love Thy Neighbor Challenge Becomes Rallying Cry For Peace In Time Of Violence

At a time when the violence in the streets has reached an all-time high and has even spilled onto college campuses, Christian author Barry Ferguson, has decided enough is enough. “Love Thy Neighbor Challenge” is his newest book release which challenges individuals on both sides of the political battlefield to start looking beyond party lines and begin caring for one another without resorting to using violence to make their points.
“It’s not about who is right and who is wrong but about taking the two greatest commandments and putting them into positive action. We’re asked to love God with all our heart, with all our soul and with all our mind, so why can’t we do the same and love our neighbors as we love ourselves?” says Barry, who has grown weary of the childish nature plaguing America’s left. “The Democratic Party is so busy fighting the rest of America that they’ve forgotten what’s really important here… the very people they are supposedly serving,” he adds.
Sometimes, all it takes is a book to re-awaken America’s heart for loving one another and “Love Thy Neighbor Challenge” is that book. Written to inspire individuals to make an unselfish difference in the world, the book was designed to bring awareness to all the hate and anger that has overtaken the lives of Americans, no matter what political party they belong to. The book offers honest remedies to the problems facing America but more than that, stands up for unconditional love which is in short supply on both sides of America’s divide.

While hate and violence continues to take up precious time and space on various talk shows, Barry feels it takes away from what really needs to be done… getting people to start caring for one another and respecting each other’s beliefs. “Too many people complain about the state of America yet no one seems to do anything about it. They resort to using violence to get their message across. I wrote this book to get people off their backsides and combat the hate that is ruining our communities,” states Barry.
The book is not just another, “Be good to one another book,” but gets into the nuts and bolts of why America is so entrenched in hate and violence and how to stamp it out completely. Barry goes on to say that “Jesus’ message of unconditional love seems to have been lost, especially on the left, who seem to think violent protest will change people’s minds. The only way we will ever solve this problem is through a real outpouring of love and respect for one another not violently forcing one’s opinions down the throats of Amerca!”
Readers who wish to take the challenge head on can purchase “Love Thy Neighbor Challenge” at bookstores everywhere, online at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble as well as the author’s website at https://barryfergusonauthor.com/books/love-thy-neighbor-challenge.
Barry Ferguson
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