WTFroulette Now Uses The Newest Technology, HTML5

    NEW YORK, NY, February 25, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — From the very first time the concept of chatroom was introduced, there have been various developments in this area occasioned by the numerous technological advancements. WTFroulette has been an ardent provider of chatroom services and in a bid to improve the convenience and efficiency of this vital service, they have introduced the HTML5 technology as part of their services. According to the website, this new service comes packed with new possibilities. The first of these is that users can now enjoy high-quality video and audio services. This couldn’t have come at a better time, seeing as many users have decried the poor quality of videos and audios used in regular chat services.
Another key benefit expected to be enjoyed with this new technology is the high speed of connection and performance. Online chatrooms are all about speed as many users often have very little time to spare. As such, they ensure the messages are sent in real time. Therefore, the introduction of this technology promises to change the entire game plan by enabling messages to be relayed in a more real-time basis, thereby saving a great deal of time and improving overall efficiency.
Full anonymity status of the participants is also something to be looked up to, thanks to this new technology. With this feature, participants will be able to chat without the inherent fears that their identity may be revealed. This, as we know, takes the entire experience of chatrooms to a whole new level, not to mention it shields users from possible identity theft scams common among many websites that offer this service.
For users that value security and confidentiality, they may enjoy yet another great benefit that comes with the HTML5, which is data protection over an encrypted channel. This means that once the information has been sent through an encrypted channel, it becomes virtually impossible to trace it back to the sender. This not only protects the sender’s ID but also ensures that the information is relayed across both parties regardless of how sensitive in nature it may be.

Last but not least, the technology makes it possible for participants to use the service without necessarily having to install additional software such as Adobe Flash. It doesn’t get better in terms of convenience. As if these are not enough, the website claims this technology promises even much more to users. Some of these plans include the possible introduction of a hide-your-face online among much more that will all be geared towards improving the overall experience in a chatroom.
More information on this exquisite technology can be found at https://www.wtfroulette.com

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